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Archive Archive Full Length Films:

Covert Transhumanism: A Mind Control Documentary
Webpage | Youtube
The Electronic Control Grid
Webpage | Youtube
The Invisible War: 21st Century Targeting
Webpage | Youtube
War vs the Truth: Psychological Operations
Webpage | Youtube Pages:
Tactics Used Against Targeted Individuals
Remote Neural Monitoring
Technological Mind Tricks
Electromagnetic Mind Control
Electronic Harassment
Black Project AI
Electronic Telepathy - Synthetic Telepathy - v2k
Virtual Reality - Synthetic Dreams
Psychological Operations
Modern Day MKULTRA Survivor • Omnisense Story
Electronic Warfare Patents
Geoengineering Patents
Mapping Electromagnetics
The Neurobody
NWO Agenda
Predictive Programming
Tactics of Disinformation
New Age Psy Ops

1. Black Project Technology Capabilities
Bird's Eye View of the Global Technological Conspiracy
Covert Transhumanism; A Mind Control Documentary
The Electronic Control Grid Film
Black Project Tech: The Neurobody
Military Industrial Complex Cybernetic Secret Society
Covert Transhumanism Preview: Black Project AI Psyche Profiles
Cell Phone Towers Rigged as Mind Influencing Directed Energy Weapons
Black Project Tech: Electronic Telepathy - v2k
Electronic Telepathy Intelligence Psyche Profiles (NSA - CIA - US Military+)
Directed Energy Weapon Neuroscience
Recordings of Thoughts - Remote Neural Monitoring
Remote Neural Monitoring: Using the Earths Electromagnetic Field as an EEG/MRI
Neural Heterodyning - Lacing Sounds with v2k
Omnisense Directed Energy Weapon Art Series
Directed Energy Weapons; Technological Optical Illusions
Black Project Machine Learning
CNN Special Report; RF Weaponry (1985)
Dr. Barrie Trower; Microwave Directed Energy Weapons
Directed Energy Weapon Neuroscience; Memory Manipulation
All Seeing Eye Technology
Immaculate Technologically Induced Conscious Energies
3D Sound via v2k tech
Technology to Create Black Shadow Illusions - Synthetic Optics
Thought Sonorization: Training the Brain to Think in Words instead of Concepts and Images
Artificial Tinnitus from v2k -
Augmented Reality - AR ★ RF Mind Hacking
Covert Transhumanism Book Preview: Inter Dimensional Technology
Neural Heterodyning - Subtractive Neural Heterodyning || Electromagnetic Neuroscience

2. Mind Control Programs - Modern Day MKULTRA - Technological Black Ops
Bird's Eye View of New Age Psychological Operations ▲ The New Age Deception
Electromagnetic Mind Control Murder by Proxy - v2k Influenced Murder
Modern Day MKULTRA Cover Stories
Military & CIA Mind Control Quotes
Remote Influencing Technology Playing Devil's Advocate
'Channeled Messages' & their Link to Mind Control Programs; Greg Giles, Former Ashtar Channeler
There are New Age Cover Stories for All Types of Technological Influences
Electromagnetic Mind Control Based False Flags
Rigging of Pro Sports via Directed Energy Weapons
Synthetic Dream Mind Control Programs (Video)
v2k Murder by Proxy • Directed Energy Weapon Murder (Video)
Roseanne Barr on MKULTRA Mind Control in Hollywood
CIA Programming Reorientation Methods
Operation Mockingbird - CIA Media Control Programs
CIA's Operation Armageddon FOIA Request Response to Omnisense

3. Black Ops/Shadow Government/NWO/Conspiracy/Psy Ops/False Flags
Black Ops Assassination Methods
CIA Conspiracy Quotes
CBS News; Declassified Documents Reveal Chemtrails Are Real
Trillions of Unaccounted for Pentagon Spending (Black Budget)
Compartmentalization of the Shadow Government
CIA NLP; "Conspiracy Theorist"
Potential Future False Flags
Google Graphic Shows The MSM ‘Fake News’ Strategy was Used To Short-Circuit PIZZAGATE Scandal

4. 21st Century Targeting ~ Targeted Individual Reality
The Invisible War: 21st Century Targeting
Tactics Used Against Targeted Individuals
v2k Targeting Tactics - Targeted Individual v2k
Advice for Targeted Individuals - Psychological Counter Measures
Electronic Harassment Synchronicities - Street Theater
Targeted Individuals: Organized Stalking - Gangstalking || Street Theater
My Directed Energy Weapon Symptoms - Electronic Harassment Symptoms
Transhumanism Based Malicious Soulular Programming
Thought Sonorization: Training the Brain to Think in Words instead of Concepts and Images
Messages in my Inbox; Targeted Individual Letter
Neural Heterodyning - Lacing Sounds with v2k
3D Sound via v2k tech
Neuropsychological and Electronic No-Touch Torture Report by Dr. Robert Duncan
Targeted Individual & Mind Control Links

5. Documentaries/Lectures/Videos
One Year Anniversary of Covert Transhumanism Documentary
Black Project Interrogation Artificial Intelligence
Cartoon Explains Electromagnetic Mind Control and Targeted Individuals to Kids
Technological Channeling Psychological Operations
Dr. José Delgado CIA 1960s Cat and Bull Implant Mind Control Research
9-11 Firefighter WTC 7 Testimony - Rudy Dent

6. Miscellaneous
RIP Udo Ulfkotte - A Journalist with Integrity
Intellectual Quotes - Part 1
Intellectual Quotes - Part 2

7. My Music Work
Omnisense™ Electronic Press Kit
Underground Renaissance Founded
My 10th Music Album Releases ★ The Underworld by Omnisense
Omnisense's 11th Music Album; Futuristic Utopias
Roof and the Sky EP Releases
Revamped Omnisense SoundCloud
Remastered: Maat's Fury
Involution (feat. LX Xander & Danny Archer)

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