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This page is for activist links and media related to Anti-GMOs and Anti-Monsanto.

I have always been wary of taking genes from odd places and putting them in the foods we eat. I am a big naturalist when it comes to nature. I am opposed to buying, eating, or supporting "Frankenfood" products, although as an American this is almost impossible for me to avoid entirely...

Sometimes people say we have been genetically modifying foods for ages. What they mean are things like cross-breeding different plants to produce a new fruit. I have no problem with that sort of thing and I do not think it should be called the same thing as say, taking a genetic attribute from a virus and putting it into the food we eat.

Even if some GMOs are safe, I do not trust wholly corrupt entities like Monsanto with the health of the world and what I put in my body given their history.

Monsanto and the FDA have a long history of complicity and corruption. I am not the only one who has red flags to former Monsanto employees working in the very federal entity that is there to police food safety to corporations like Monsanto...

Monsanto, the same corporation that brought you Agent Orange, rBST, foods that no longer reproduce, and Roundup Ready Corn is one of if not the most evil corporation in the world in my view... It is possible Monsanto has done irreparable damage to humanity's and planet Earth's genetics. If we are being honest with ourselves, we do not really know what genetically modifying our food will do to us. We are essentially dipping under the hood of humanity's genetics with almost zero true knowledge of what this action will do...

Anti-GMO Websites and Media;
Twitter; @RachelsNews ~ Young but Proficient Anti-GMO Activist
The Revolving Door: FDA and the Monsanto Company ~

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