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Friday, November 11, 2016

Covert Transhumanism Book Cover (Now Titled: The Electronic Control Grid)

Finished a Rough Draft (Ver. 4.0) of my book cover:

I have begun the bulk of the work for the book after picking my mind for the last 8-9 months writing on and other websites to use as source material. I feel the book will be high quality with what I have seen of it so far, and am excited about it. I estimate it will release sometime in Summer 2017, but keep in mind that is an estimate not a release date and is subject to change depending on funds, writing, and living situation.


  1. This is a weird question what is the appropriate scientific info to put on a web site in your eyes? My philosophy for me anyways is anything that is appropriate for the moment. I spoke with someone a long time ago and that person told me it doesnt matter as the U.S. Government cant confirm or deny info put to the public. I like to talk about chemicals alot now. I believe this is the newest and most powerful surveillance food, coffee, alchohol and textiles.Unfortunately a pseudo name will not help me this is my real name as I live in a real matrix in LA county California

    1. It depends on what your website is about. If it's a targeting website I would suggest electromagnetic mind control science. Study how radio frequency neuroscience can influence the brain/mind.


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