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Friday, October 28, 2016

Electronic Harassment || Targeted Individuals || Zersetsen/Zersetzung || Directed Energy Weapon Terrorism

Electronic harassment is a modern day reality for thousands if not millions of targeted individuals(TI). Myself and other targeted individuals have endured massive human rights injustices at the hands of government sources. Through the use of highly sophisticated directed energy weapons and post-singularity black project AI government sources are terrorizing, suppressing, and in some cases murdering marks in their system...

Electronic Harassment can be a monumental tribulation and has diverse negative effects on a target's life. The result of 21st Century Targeting frequently destroys a subjects health, sanity, finances, employability, reputation and human property while disrupting our mental faculties. I call what is happening in the modern day the "Targeting Holocaust."

Targeted Individual Relevant Terms:
Directed Energy Weapons
•Black Project Artificial Intelligence
Electromagnetic Mind Control
Remote Neural Monitoring (NSA's Signals Intelligence - SIGINT)
Voice to Skull - v2k
•Electronic Harassment / Covert Harassment
•Remote Influencing Technologies
Technological Mind Tricks / Technological Illusions
•Character Assassination
•Street Theater
•Gangstalking / Organized Stalking / Zersetzung
Psychological Warfare (PSYOPS)
•Electronic Warfare
Technological Possession
Suicide Programming
•Trauma Based Mind Control
•Emotional Blunting
•Brain/Mind Mapping
•Cybernetic Network / Cybernetic Hive Mind
•Black Ops
Microwave Weaponry / Microwave Warfare
•EEG Cloning
•Cloning of the Senses
Mind Control Matrix
•Targeting Holocaust

Targeted Individuals ~ Covert Transhumanism

A Quote from the Documentary:
“My name is Dr. John Hall, I’m a medical Doctor from Texas. As a physician, relative to some of what you’re hearing today, in the community we are seeing an alarming rate of complaints of use of electromagnetic weapons, microwave auditory effect, silent sound spectrum, EEG cloning,… Which has taken the lab out of the laboratory and into the home, most of these from the research that we’ve reviewed can be done remotely. It seems to be more weapons research than medical research. I’ve personally corresponded with upwards of 1,500 victims all complaining of identical complaints from every state in the nation. Of being exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Non-ionizing radiation. For the use of cognitive control or behavior control….”

See the Full Version: Covert Transhumanism


The System is Set Up to Destroy TIs

Telling a therapist, police, feds, hospital workers, mental health workers, or any other societal position of authority of targeting is often very treacherous for a targeted individual(I'm not talking about contacting politicians). I have several friends who were imprisoned in a mental ward and forcibly drugged after just conveying their life experiences which include being viciously attacked by directed energy weapons. If you are experiencing distinct electronic harassment, for your own sanctity of mind I recommend being careful who you tell of your plights...

“We have failed to comprehend that the result of the technology that originated in the years of the arms race between the Soviet Union and the West, has resulted in using satellite technology not only for surveillance and communication systems but also to lock on to human beings, manipulating brain frequencies by directing laser beams, neural-particle beams, electro-magnetic radiation, sonar waves, radiofrequency radiation (RFR), soliton waves, torsion fields and by use of these or other energy fields which form the areas of study for astro-physics. Since the operations are characterised by secrecy, it seems inevitable that the methods that we do know about, that is, the exploitation of the ionosphere, our natural shield, are already outdated as we begin to grasp the implications of their use.”
On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology


Reasons For Targeting

-Experimentation - Research and Development (RnD)
-Political Dissident Targeting
-Societal Engineering
-Information Assassination (Psychological Operations)


Experimentation Based Electronic Harassment

Extremely unethical if not unhinged government sources are experimenting on people while ruining the lives of thousands if not millions worldwide. There are a lot of things that can be learned about neuroscience in particular if the source doing the learning has no regard for human life. This is exactly what happened and is happening worldwide.


Eugenics + Societal Engineering Based Targeting

Societal Engineering:
I think one of the philosophy's of the controllers of society is to control the money. Controlling who has money and who doesn't is now more possible than ever via the covert transhuman control grid and electromagnetic mind control.

Constraining of resources is a cookie cutter targeting mold that political dissident targeted individuals are afflicted with.

Ultimately electronic harassment causes some things in almost every case. Naturally after experiencing profound and hard to believe experiences(often tortures) beyond anything natural, TIs are alienated from society and friends. When you speak of invisible technology torturing you it has a tendency to make people judge you as insane. Being considered insane by 80-90% of society tends to make finding a partner difficult. In my research and contacts with insiders, eugenics is a big agenda in the global conspiracy today. Eugenics coupled with societal engineering could be a #1 reason for many targeted individual's selection...


Covert Targeting

There is undoubtedly many covert torture targets worldwide, who think their symptoms are natural or just don't understand what is going on. Before I was aware of my targeting I endured several directed energy weapon attacks and didn't quite know what to make of them. The first major one that I can remember enduring I called a "psychic attack" as I had no clue what I was dealing with... After proper education, the perceivable nature of these attacks become less supernatural and more along the lines of exotic technology.


Street Theater

Street Theater is a black op method with ethos much like Zersetzung by the Stazi or COINTELPRO by the FBI, where they control an environment to a target via covert technology and/or organized stalking with methods that often end up traumatizing and/or discrediting a target. Sometimes the whole point of giving these types of experiences to someone is so they speak of them to others and it discredits them. This can result in loss of partner, disassociation with children, mental ward sectioning, being forcibly drugged, or just generally discrediting the targeted individual to whom they speak to about their story.


Coordinating Electronic Harassment with an Environment

Electronic harassment by way of black project AI + remote neural monitoring + directed energy weapons can be coordinated to an environment so profoundly some targets will refuse any explanation but supernatural. Coordination to an environment can be things such as stopping the electronic harassment once a TI does a certain action, incredible synchronicities, carrying out electronic harassment coordinated to the actions of people the targeting sources would like a TI to accuse/attack and/or believe is one of the sources of their targeting, and much more. Almost any environmental factor can be effectively coordinated to electronic harassment to convince the target of illusions. I call acts like this technological mind tricks. Technological mind tricks are abundant with targeted individuals as well as in "New Age" circles.

See my Technological Mind Tricks Page.


Character Assassination

All targeted individuals are in a battle for their own credibility.



Most TIs including myself have been socially isolated by some demographics of the population not being able to discern the truth of our testimony. This is by design, and matches the eugenics and societal engineering motive for committing these war crimes.


Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is a common tactic used on TIs. Sleep deprivation can result in mental errors/miscalculations and can even be used as a slow kill method. Mind control passes under the radar easier on a sleep deprived target.



Some of the more injustice filled targeted individual cases involve severe depersonalization directed energy weapon engagement. I have suffered from this since my overt targeting began in late 2007. When this is happening to you, it is a struggle to be yourself. Depersonalization is a strategy for the controllers to suppress political dissidents or truth seekers from obtaining their true potential in some sort of productivity in society that goes against the agenda.


Directed Energy Weapon Torture

Some Attacks I have Endured in targeting experiences since late 2007 to the Current Day:

-Numbing of Consciousness
-Emotional Blunting
-Synthetic Pain Signals
-Synthetic Tastes(any horrible taste in the universe, sense cloning)
-Synthetic Smells
-Synthetic Emotions
-Synthetic Dreams/Virtual Reality Tortures
-Muscular Tortures
-Bone Tortures
-Eye Tortures
-Brain Tortures
-Skin Tortures
-Heat Tortures
-Cold Tortures
-Water Tortures
-Food Tortures
-Nausea Tortures
-Shortness of Breath Tortures
-Body Mutilation
-Control of Hunger
-Control of Sleep
-Sleep Deprivation
-Severe Character Assassination and as Result Isolation
-Foot Tortures
-Organ Tortures
-Lungs Tortures
-Stomach Tortures
-Breathing Tortures
-Stomach Acid
-Scalar/Sonic Tortures
-Technologically Induced Vomiting
-Energy Tortures
-Psychological Tortures
-Mind Control of Myself(often to Discredit Me), or Others Surrounding Me.

Eventually I will write a comprehensive torture report of my targeting on this website for historical documentation. I have been through more injustice than I can fit into words...

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