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Friday, October 28, 2016

Tactics of Disinformation

Due to their cruel betrayals of humanity, dishonesty, and monumental human rights violations the truth is a threat to the control of the shadow government. Due to the truth being a threat, massive disinformation campaigns to alter the public's perception of information have taken place in the last 50 years.

Disinformation Tactics
-Predictive Programming is Central to Disinformation
-Most Effective Predictive Programming Operations Hit Believers and Disbelievers
-Covert Means of Psychological Direction
-Disinformation Formula: Truth Mixed with Psychological Operation Hooks
-Belief System Engineering
-Manipulated Beliefs - Predictively Programmed Disbeliefs
-False by Association / Discredited by Association
-"Feel Good" Content Mixed with Disinformation
-Using Derivatives of the Truth in Disinformation
-Cover Stories Developed for Sensitive Subjects/Operations
-Unwitting Disinformation Assets

Disinformation Programs
-Mind Control Programs Aimed at All Demographics
-Mainstream Media Disinformation Programs
-Alt Media Controlled Opposition
-New Age & Extraterrestrial Disinformation Programs (AI Channelers, Black Ops "Contactees", etc)
-Spiritual Warfare Disinformation Programs
-Science Disinformation Programs
-Religious Disinformation Programs
-Psychology Disinformation Programs
-Big Pharma Disinformation Programs
-Hollywood Disinformation Programs
-Corporate Disinformation Programs
-Education Disinformation Programs
-War on Drugs Disinformation Programs
-War on Terror Disinformation Programs
-Disinformation Augmented by Directed Energy Weapon Based Mind Control

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." ~William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting in 1981)

Operation Mockingbird - CIA Media Control Program


Predictive Programming

Predictive programming is the method of inciting an action to cause a predicted reaction. Is it basically the whole point of disinformation.


Manipulated Beliefs - Predictively Programmed Disbeliefs

Some of the most effective disinformation hits 'two birds with one stone' while convincing certain demographics of disinformation while predictively programming people who do not buy the koolaid to react in another agenda satiating way to the psychological operation.

Disinformation is not always to get people to believe, but also to predictively program the disbelievers as well.


"The most basic form of mind control is repetition." ~Unknown

Through a wide field of alt media assets credibility is sown for disinformation. Through a wide field of mainstream media assets with talking points and keywords repeated, disinformation is sown into the psyche of mankind.

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
― Adolf Hitler


False by Association / Discredited by Association

One method the CIA and their co-conspirators do is propagate an outlandish disinformation tale aimed at predictive programming of those who witness the disinformation. The objective can be to discredit a greater subject or category the disinformation is in, I call this false by association. An example of this would be the CIA & co propagating flat earth information to discredit conspiracy believers in general. Just about the only demographic that believes in a flat earth is the conspiracy believing crowd and anyone mentioning it to most people is instantly discredited. The flat earth psy ops are very effective in discrediting conspiracy truth by association.


Using Derivatives of the Truth in Disinformation

New Age psychological operations are prolific at taking the truth and distorting or repackaging it somehow. Perhaps using derivatives of truth is a more potent method than just making something up.


Cover Stories Developed for Sensitive Subjects/Operations

One thing I have noticed after my initiation to black project technology is all technological influences have convenient cover stories developed for them. One of the biggest ideas behind cover stories is to operate overtly while remaining unseen. The wizard behind the curtain loves to fool people that the source of influence is some sort of unprosecutable supernatural spiritual foe(IE: Demons, Jinn, Archons, etc) while the true perpetrators are undetected.


Disinformation Formula: Truth Mixed with Psychological Operation Hooks

A standard disinformation formula is to mix truth with agenda driven psychological hooks. This is seen commonly in "New Age" information to my discerning eye. Mixing truth and untruth yields a more satiable environment for the psychological hooks they desire the population to believe.


Disinformation Augmented by Directed Energy Weapon Based Mind Control Programs

Black Project Artificial Intelligence + Electromagnetic Directed Energy Weapons can fluently control a mind. Full mind hacking is possible with directed energy weapons. This provides for revolutionary opportunities to control the opposition. Since at least 1980 a dragnet of directed energy weapon based psychological operations have been occurring where mind control program assets are manipulated with advanced technology to produce disinformation of various types. The field of Extraterrestrial information in particular is entrenched by mind control programs in my opinion.

In short; Government Sponsored Disinformation is Augmented via Electromagnetic Mind Control Programs.


Unwitting Disinformation Assets

I believe the psychological operation sources found it much more effective to use targets in disinformation programs who fully believe what they are saying. Through covert transhumanization and technological remote influence a wide field of targets are turned into unwitting disinformation assets.


This page will be updated further as I recognize more disinformation tactics...


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