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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Potential Future False Flags

Potential Future False Flags:
Hacktivist False Flag (Possible "Anonymous" will be used as the Patsy) - Problem-Reaction-Solution related to Internet Censorship and Control
A New 9-11 - Should the World ever lose interest in the "War on Terror" or the corrupt leadership need new blood in the conspiracy; Perhaps a New False Flag or Set of False Flags in Europe approximately the size of 9-11 is in the Plans of the Current World Leadership
Ebola on Steroids - I am not alone in thinking the CIA and co-conspirators are concocting Virus Warfare versus the population of the world. This could be done as a Trojan Horse to Accept a New Vaccination that Targets Specific Genetics
• Continued Terrorist Attacks for Population Conditioning and Justification of Progressing the NWO Agenda
• USA Domestic Conditioning Programs - A Steady Stream of Mind Control Augmented Gun Violence
• American Revolution False Flags
CIA Bastardized Opposition - The cabal likes to propagate their own bastardized version of things if the event is unavoidable
• A Major False Flag and/or Campaign of False Flags to Usher in Remote Neural Monitoring Law
• Controlled Opposition Based False Flags - ISIS/ISIL False Flags
• Through Electromagnetic Mind Control much more is Possible to Orchestrate Covertly

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