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Friday, October 28, 2016

New Age Psy Ops || Information Warfare

Starting around 1970-1980 when the shadow government got a hold of more perfected remote influencing technologies(black project science) a massive dragnet of psychological operations has been taking place which I refer to as "New Age" Psychological Operations. One of the intents of the New Age Mind Control Programs I have discovered is to engineer a belief system that has supernatural explanations for all technological influences. With these engineered beliefs the idea is to operate covert black project technology in a relatively overt fashion while the true source remains indiscernible.

New Age Psy Op Objectives:
• Mind Control Programs to Obfuscate the Truth in an Internet Age
• Disinform the World in the Field of Extraterrestrial Information
• New Age Cover Stories for Literally All Types of Technological Influence
• Strategic Demonization of Future Technology
• Discrediting of the True Nature of Reality
• Supernatural Spiritual Ability Central to the Belief System
• Division of Population via Belief Systems (One looks Irrational to the Other and Vice Versa)
• Control the Opposition with False Light Information Sources
• Create False Messiahs with Remote Influencing Technology
• Total New Age Mind Control Slaves - Assets
• Act as a Dragnet to Imprison People Transcending Old Age Belief Systems into a New Manipulation

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." ~William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting in 1981)

New Age Psy Op Methods:
Predictive Programming of Both New Agers and Those Who react to the New Age
• Technological Wizard of Oz Scenarios
Technological Mind Tricks Under a Supernatural Cover Story
• Spiritual Warfare Explanation for the Universe (IE: An Army of Demons Mind Controlling Everyone)
• Emphasis on Apathetic and Non-Productive Thinking (IE: Meditate the World to Peace)
• Remote Influence Under a Psychic ESP Cover Story
• Technological Psychological Direction Under a Remote Viewing Cover Story
• Cosmic Being Facades via Electronic Telepathy Technology
• Synthetic Astral Projection Mind Control Programs (Virtual Reality Tech)
• Technological Channeling Mind Control Programs
• Remote Influence via Directed Energy Weapons + Post-Singularity Black Project AI


New Age Explanations/Covers for Remote Influencing Technology Exploitation:
(Some of these harder hitting than others...)

Mind Control Cover Stories:
-Demonic Possession
-Archontic Possession
-Jinn Possession
-Higher Self Influence
-Cosmic Entity Channeling
-Holy Spirit or Guidance from "God"

Electronic Harassment Cover Stories:
-"Psychic Attack"
-Astral Attack
-"Ascension Symptoms"
-Demonic/Jinn/Archontic Possession
-Spirit Attack
-Spiritual Warfare
-Interdimensional Beings

Neurobody Synthetic Signal Neuroscience Cover Stories:
-Ethereal Implants
-Entity Attachments
-Astral Body

Synthetic Dreams/Virtual Reality Cover Stories:
-Prophetic Dreams/Visions
-Astral Projection
-Remote Viewing

Electronic Telepathy Cover Stories:
-Cosmic Being Contact
-Psychic ESP (Implanted Conscious Energies)
-"Natural" Telepathy

Remote Neural Monitoring Cover Stories:
-Psychic ESP

All Seeing Eye Technology Cover Stories:
-Remote Viewing
-Akashic Records
-Psychic Visions/ESP
-Engineered Prophecies

Remote Influencing Technology Symptom Cover Stories:
-"Ascension Symptoms"
-"Psychic Attacks"
-Demonic Possession Symptoms
-Spirit Attacks

“In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” ~Winston S. Churchill


Technological Channeling Mind Control Programs

Common in Channeled Messages:
• Emphasis on Higher Power Taking Action for You. End Result: Apathy
• "Ascension" - If "Everything will Shift" into Utopia what use is taking action to create a better world? End Result: Apathy
• Saviorship Model (ETs will save us, etc) - If someone else is going to do all the work, what use is taking action and putting in work for the world yourself? End Result: Apathy
• Rapture Model - If the Earth will be destroyed or all darkness culled by some sort of pseudoscience cosmic shift what use is assisting planet Earth? End Result: Apathy
• Failed Predictions / False Hope
• False Light Masquerading as a Savior
• False Light Masquerading as a Teacher


Technological Wizard of Oz Scenarios - New Age Technological Mind Tricks

I know first hand that sources like the CIA and US Military like to hide behind the cover stories of demons, archons, and interdimensional beings while they remote influence with potent and exotic directed energy weapons. Directed energy weapons work remotely from afar and are therefore invisible, this provides the perfect environment to convince a target of illusions about the origin of what exactly is taking place in their life. Invisible technology is a ripe environment for illusions...

See my Technological Mind Tricks Page for More on technological illusions.


Demonization of Future Technology Psychological Operations

In play in the world today are new age psychological operations to demonize future technology. One of the goals is to divide the population as much as possible when the coming technologies come to the public forefront.

As a witness of these technologies I can say many of the technologies I have been targeted by are revolutionary, profound, and relatively benign if not weaponized and done in the more holistic remote directed energy versions instead of implants.

The technology is not evil. The people using the technologies are. I can tell you I know there is balance to the coming technologies, both good and bad. There are ways to misuse the coming technologies just as there are ways to use them wisely...


This page will be under further construction at a later date.


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