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Friday, October 28, 2016

Modern Day MKULTRA Survivor • Omnisense Story

Secret Society Induction - Introduction to the Rabbit Hole

In late 2007 around when I graduated music production school I was approached, engaged, and inducted into a secret society. My initial intention upon being inducted was to sabotage them from the inside as much as possible, until I was eliminated somehow. I had identified an evil presence on Earth since young, and once I was engaged by that evil presence I was ambitious in defeating it or at least destroying as much of it's insidious agenda before it assumably assassinated me...

One thing I just recently remembered was that I was asked about the Grandmaster and Degree system and what I thought of it. I said I didn't like it much, so when I was inducted they used a system of floors to represent the structure of the shadow government. The floors went as followed:

Roof (Leadership)
Attic (Assassins - Black Ops)
4th Floor
3rd Floor
2nd Floor
1st Floor

Upon meeting my contact in the shadow government(in person), I was inducted without being asked by my contact, I was just told "You are on the 3rd floor out of 6." I was handed a computer with an open digital document stating instructions. These are the instructions I remember right now:

1. (paraphrasing) "Read these instructions and answer in your mind, as if we could listen."
2. "You Will Not Make a Musical."
3. "You Will Not Make Documentaries."
4. "You Will Not Speak of This Encounter to Anyone in Any Way."

In total there were about 20+ instructions, I have experienced electronic dissolution of memory of the other instructions.

Instruction #1 shocked me as it implied they had thought surveillance, which I later learned was true and is termed Remote Neural Monitoring. #2 was a statement that showed me that they had remote neural monitoring after I had analyzed it enough. To my memory I had not told anyone I had wanted to do a musical, it was a thought to myself I assumed was private. #3 I did not know at the time that one of my callings would be to make informational videos, but the psyche profiles of the shadow government somehow allowed them to predict such...

I rejected several instructions, and as result was targeted in an overt manner in a Stasi-like directed energy weapons based electronic harassment program. Since late 2007 I have been tortured and/or violated dozens of thousands of times... I later learned after analysis that I had been covertly tortured and targeted basically my whole life prior to all this and was not aware of it.

"Survivors is what we are. It is comparable to the Jew camps in Germany." ~Ronald Randazzo

Directed Energy Weapon Terrorism - War Crimes

In the modern age there is a global injustice of holocaust proportions happening. Many thousands if not millions of targeted individuals including myself are being discredited, abused, and tortured via directed energy weapon terrorism. I call it the targeting holocaust. When all is said and done what governments are doing with directed energy weapons in the modern age could go down as the biggest injustices and war crimes of the 21st century.

One of the first severe directed energy weapon attacks I endured I had no way to identify it was technology, so I just called it a "psychic attack". The psychic explanation I now realize is a cover story for the truth; Directed Energy Weapons & Black Project AI.

Read More on Directed Energy Weapons Here:
Directed Energy Weapons


Character Assassination

A big name of the game for dissident targeting programs is character assassination. I have been viciously character assassinated via either mind control of myself, or by assets of the shadow government. Modern day domestic political dissident targeting programs is what I am afflicted by. Programs that mirror the ethos of the FBI's COINTELPRO and the Stasi's Zersetzung in discrediting and/or destroying the lives of dissidents/activists who are the lifeblood of change and progress in our society. I have learned COINTELPRO-like programs have been rehashed under a technological conspiracy so massive it is beyond the ability of the average person to comprehend...

I have been told just previous to releasing my Documentary; Covert Transhumanism, that I would be further viciously character assassinated. At this point I am just waiting for the storm...


AI Based Electronic Harassment

Since late 2007 I have been afflicted and abused/tortured with directed energy weapons and remote neural monitoring reactive targeting AI countless times. It has become a mainstay in my life. To give an example of what I go through, for the last 4 months or so(Dec. 2015-April 2016) every time my mind gives off a mental signature of enjoyment(Remote Neural Monitoring Based), I get directed energy weapon attacks to dislodge me from that state of enjoyment...

After enough abuse, torture, mind control, and character assassination at the hands of some very disturbed people in power, it has given me extensive experiences with their methodology and capability and assisted me in becoming highly motivated in destroying their corrupt agenda on Earth...


Why Me?

I have been a heretic and a political dissident my entire adult life. I enjoy making music, art, videos, and writing in the spirit of intellectual activism. I know that societal engineering is a big deal to the shadow government. I believe that the category of 'musician' mixed with 'activist' is a sensitive area for the shadow government, and once I got close to graduating music school I hit a trigger for them to activate into my life...

Modern Day MKULTRA Suppression/Torture Programs

The modern day mind control programs I am most familiar with are suppression and torture based. This is done through a wide range of methods. Just like the Stasi's Zersetzung, and the FBI's COINTELPRO, the type of mind control and harassment I get is often done to character assassinate me in an effort to disrupt my output and round down my audience. Basically they have shown me they fear my ability to produce activist content (documentaries, books, websites, etc), and the targeting sources have doubly shown me that they intend to give me a hard time while I do such activities.

Unknown Reality Keywords:
Directed Energy Weapon Conspiracy
Directed Energy Weapon Terrorism
Directed Energy Weapon Torture
Directed Energy Weapon Neuroscience
Directed Energy Weapon Surveillance (RNM + Interferometry)
Directed Energy Weapon Character Assassination
Directed Energy Weapon Murder (Microwave Warfare+)
Targeting Holocaust


Directed Energy Weapon Tortures

Since late 2007 after my overt targeting began, I have endured dozens of thousands of directed energy weapon based tortures. As a severe electronic harassment targeted individual I have endured every category of torture I can think of. They really unleashed on me in terms of variance and depth of tortures over the years.

Electronic Harassment and Targeting Injustices I have Endured:
• Remote neural monitoring enabled targeting AI
• Electromagnetic mind control
• Countless neuroscience based tortures (Dozens of thousands of times since 2007)
• Trauma Based Mind Control
• Torture Every Single Day Since Late 2007 - Countless Psychological Tortures
• Character Assassination - Vicious Discrediting Mind Control - Public Disrepute
• A Labyrinth of Subversive Tactics
• Thought Suppression
• Cloning of the Senses / Torture Through the Senses
• Technological Illusions / Technological Mind Tricks
• Electronic Telepathy / v2k / Microwave Auditory Effect / Microwave Hearing Harassment
• Virtual Reality Tortures - Synthetic Dreams - OBE Tortures
• Neurobody Tortures
• Synthetic Pain Signals
• Sense deprivation
• Impersonation of Demons, Extraterrestrials, Archangels, Jesus, & God via v2k
• Demonic Possession Facades
• AI Automated Torture and v2k Scripts
• v2k Voice Cloning
• Overloading of Memory via v2k
• EEG Cloning
• Emotional blunting via electromagnetic neuroscience
• Depersonalization via electromagnetic neuroscience
• Body Control
• Body Language Control / Facial Movement Control
• Forced Speech
• Severe Food Poisoning Symptoms
• Financial Losses
• Suppression of Personality
• Malicious Character Reorientation & Personality Suppression
• Thought Sonorization (Training the brain to think in words instead of concepts and images)
• Memory Loss
• Lost Time
• Malicious Neural Conditioning
• Body Mutilation
• Directed Energy Attacks on my Ribs/Bones
• Directed Energy Attacks on my Ears
• Deadening of skin - Peeling microwaved skin off parts of my body
• Liquification of skin
• Stabbing Pains (e.g. In the Eyes or Organs)
• Bone Pain / Spine Pain
• Brain Pains / Headaches / Migraines
• Eye Pains / Involuntary Eye Movement Tortures
• Damage to Eyesight / Fuzzy Eyesight
• Involuntary Body Movement
• Muscle Spasms / Severe Muscle Cramps
• Muscle Tortures / Ripping of Muscles via Directed Energy Weapons
• Tendon and Vein Tortures
• Laser Pain on Bones
• Attack of my Scalp
• Loss of Hair
• Attacks on my Esophagus
• Technologically Induced Unquenchable Hunger
• Severe Shortness of Breath
• Sudden Inability to Breath
• Burning Sensations
• Sudden and Non-Attributable Heart Rate Increases
• Directed Energy Attacks on my Heart
• Profoundly severe itches
• Feeling of brittle or rubberish bones
• Illusory feeling of broken bones
• Pain tolerance matrix manipulation
• Torturous synthetic emotions (Synthetic depression, horror, fear, doom feelings, etc)
• Synthetic sexual arousal / anhedonia
• Spontaneous fatigue / lethargy
• Overwhelming synthetic apathy or passivity at strategic times
• Synthetic ADHD symptoms at strategic times
• Synthetic addiction feelings
• Sleep deprivation / Electromagnetic stimulants
• Technological black out
• Synthetic Optics
• Torturous synthetic tastes + smells
• Hyper-sensitivity to light - Light sensitive eyes
• Hyper-sensitivity to sound
• Hyper-sensitivity to smell
• Hyper-sensitivity to temperature (Heat / Cold)
• Torturous cold sensations / Torturous heat sensations
• Anhedonia
• Various forms of desensitization
• Suppression of emotions - Negation of emotional matrix
• Negating awareness of social standards & etiquette
• Technologically induced vomiting / Technological gag reflex
• Targeting of lymph nodes
• Induced sickness
• States of being where all food and food smells are repulsive
Sonic Nausea - Sonic Tortures
• Synthetic claustrophobic feelings
• Spontaneous tearing without emotional thinking
• Uncontrollable smiling at inappropriate times
• Electromagnetic mind control based forced laughing to things I would not laugh about
• High frequency noises
• Neural Heterodyning (e.g. Lacing sounds with v2k, enhancing pain signals)
• Subtractive Version of Neural Heterodyning (Removing high frequencies from audio cortex input, removing enjoyment signals from senses, etc)
• Disrespectful changes in the tone of my internal voice
• Controlled decreased dexterity
Technologically induced loss of balance
• Technologically induced inability to concentrate
• Various forms of electronic harassment while I produce music
• Directed energy based high frequency sound interference while producing music
• Electronic Harassment while I produce videos
• Electronic Harassment while I do graphic design
• Wounds induced by directed energy weapon methodology
• Directed energy induced coughing attacks
• Technology induced trance-like states
• Circadian rhythm manipulation
• Distinct and abrupt consciousness change followed by a deep sine wave ear ringing
• Extremely excessive watering of mouth via directed energy neuroscience
• Control of blood flow to body parts
• Head pressure
• Inner nose area enflamed via directed energy to cause disruption in breathing
• Distorted or contorted consciousness
• High pressure feelings related to my ears/hearing
• Stomach tortures
• Various forms of poisoning
• Threats (Typically via v2k)
• Harassment of many types
• Strategic intimidation
• Denigration
• Isolation
• Gaslighting
• Derivatives of gaslighting
• Mind control based frame jobs
• Mind control orchestrated arrests
• Mind control orchestrated car accidents
• Mind control of people to attack me (Which is an incredibly effective tactic due to the nature of incredulity in mentioning someone is being mind controlled)
• Likely covert torture of my friends and family
• Attempts at tainting of every piece of work I ever do
• Attempts at predictively programming the public about myself
• Attempts at destroying my valuable relationships / Orchestrated relationship breakdowns
• Monetary suppression
• My possessions are a focus of the targeting design I am afflicted by
• Mind control based slander & character assassination is being employed against me
• Lately I have experienced almost full blown sense hijacking, when I smell or taste something my electrical signals are being tampered with via electromagnetic neuroscience
• I believe I have been implanted against my will, potentially in two+ different areas of my body
• I severely dislike death smells & this has been exploited with synthetic signals
• Vomiting is one of my most disliked things possible, this has been technologically induced well over one hundred times in the last 2-3 years
• I have been given cannabalism based electronic telepathy experiences as a form of torture
• I get gruesome pictures of disembodied people created and/or augmented in my mind
• I have experienced electronic telepathy designs where my lineage was being decapitated, images of decapitated heads in my mind’s eye
• Sick minded focuses on areas of my body
• Forms of Molestation / Technological Rape
• Street Theatre
• Thought Broadcasting
• Engineered Accidents
• Coughing up Blood
• Teeth damage / Synthetic tooth pain
• Organ damage / Synthetic organ pain
• Lung damage / Synthetic lung pain
• Strategic brain damage (e.g. Memory, limbic system)
• Cloning other people’s mental flaws to myself via electromagnetic neuroscience
• Some form of physics technology used to create misfortunes for me
• Directed energy weapon targeting of my private parts
• Malicious body design
• Malicious & strategic inflammation of bodily areas
• Arranged disease
• Electromagnetic sterilization as a form of eugenics
• Dehumanization
• Psychological attacks on my soul through synthetic emotions
• Continued attempts at misaligning and/or reorienting my soul via forcible mind control
• Synthetic suicide programming (Which I resisted and wouldn’t kill myself)
• Drugging / Electromagnetic drugging
• Synthetic mind matrix - Mind control matrix
• Slow kill techniques
• Artificial tinnitus (Since my overt targeting began)
• When I was a child they used to hit me with synthetic fear and a strong electromagnetic mind control based awareness of a gremlin presence inside air vents
• As a child I was hit with severe synthetic claustrophobic feelings (This can be very tough to experience)
• I was given relatively intense synthetic dream tortures as a child
• I was once tortured with what I’d term an artistic upper body torture where I could not move it was so intense, I can say the limits of consciousness have much higher thresholds than anything I ever experienced naturally (Both in positive and negative polarities of consciousness)
• I was once told via electronic telepathy I would feel the pain of my achilles being cut through synthetically, it happened shortly after the v2k conversation
• I was once asked if I would sacrifice for my family, if I would take pain for them basically. After confirmation I experienced 3 severe synthetic organ puncture feelings to a major organ
• I have been bled and given stitches several times by electronic control grid orchestration
• I was once given an incredibly severe pain in the core of my brain (Perhaps close to the limits of what a pain in the brain can feel like)
• Several times I have been woken up in the middle of the night while directed energy weapons stretched & ripped my calf muscles
• I have been woken up at night and given the experience of not being able to breath, while synthetic doom and death energies are implanted into my mind
• I have been woken up in the middle of the night and been given a technological version of heartburn, at times far beyond anything I could imagine is natural, while this is happening sinister v2k & electromagnetic mind control are employed
• I have been tortured in a synthetic “OBE” scenario where I was just a ball of consciousness inside the VR, hit with severe synthetic fear and torturous energies
• I was once given a severe British Royal family oriented virtual reality torture, afterwards I was told via v2k that they murdered Princess Diana and had given her a VR before death (I cannot confirm or deny the veracity of that full v2k claim to me)
• I once looked out a window and perceived the illusion of brightly lit up almond shaped eyes flying through the sky at me, while given a strong internal body wavering fear coupled with a deep feeling of predatorial doom
• I once experienced what I consider major food poisoning symptoms that were heterodyned and augmented with electromagnetic energy to be incredibly severe, while this happened I experienced v2k torment as is standard procedure for targeted individuals
• I was once told while looking at a church crucifix “Be ambitious, end up there.”

Update: For the last few months or so I have been picking my mind for everything I have experienced to make this list as comprehensive as possible in explaining the injustice I have endured at the hands of some very sick men and some very potent technologies. However, I have left some major things out that were done to me due to the discrediting nature they have when speaking about them. The targeting sources have a taste for doing things that just by mentioning it you sound insane or it discredits you. I recommend to TIs to closely examine what the perps do to you, and think about if they would do it to you just to discredit you when you speak about it...

Sources: Most of this list came from myself just picking my memory of what has happened to me. However I was not able to think up everything, so I have used about 10 symptoms I have had that I could not think up from this TI page, 1 bullet point came from this video.


Directed Energy Weapon Neuroscience

I have witnessed the cutting edge modern day capabilities of black project technology, I can safely say there is a massive technological element to the global conspiracy at play in the modern age. These technologies are extremely potent. There is no practical way to tell someone how potent directed energy weapons are. It's something you just have to experience for yourself.

Perhaps the two biggest assets of modern day black ops are: Directed Energy Weapon Neuroscience + Post-Singularity Black Project Artificial Intelligence.

As time passes, more and more neuroscience will be discovered publicly, and eventually we will figure out the human brain is extremely suggestible to electromagnetic radiation. If My Documentary survives and has a list of 50+ neuroscience capabilities yet to be discovered spoken of in the documentary that eventually end up discovered, I am hoping it brings much needed exposure to the targeting reality on Earth and the technological conspiracy going on in the world today.


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  1. got ur back. the hardest ones for me are the single mothers that they take advantage of with these things. they love turning women into their prostitutes.

  2. It has never ended for me over 35 yrs and I still hear my x neighbors voice in the air.

  3. The amount of harassment is enormous. Stay strong brother.

  4. anyone can advise me? what should i do if i'll already know who are the involve of my Targeting..tnx

    i'm T.I almost 2 yrs

    1. I recommend to never attack your stalkers. Best advice I know of for stalking is ignore them. Let them stalk you and spend resources while you don't give them attention. And try to not react bad to their bullshit.


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