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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Electronic Telepathy Intelligence Psyche Profiles (NSA - CIA - US Military+)

Electronic telepathy psyche profiles are currently used by intelligence and military sources. The main idea is to use mental graphics induced by electronic telepathy technology to represent qualities of people. This can also be done to profile just about anything, including Cities, Souls, Genetics, Performance in Any Avenue, and more. For the record the example above and below are just mock electronic telepathy psyche profiles, I have not experienced the full fledged exact graphics the NSA, CIA, and US military use.

Remote Neural Monitoring is the primary basis for these psyche profiles; Thought surveillance down to people's deepest inclinations and subconscious. Black project artificial intelligence processes the remote neural monitoring data and creates the graphics used to feed perpetrators of a global conspiracy intelligence data for purposes such as murder, torture, political dissident targeting, eugenics, and more.

The above image is about as good as I could create by hand. The idea in this mock example is; fuzzy stuff would be unrefined qualities of a target, and the sharper details would be more refined and/or advanced qualities of a target. While the conspirators are getting psyche profile images they are having electromagnetic mind control based understandings fed to their mind...

Electronic Telepathy Psyche Profiles:
• Use of an assortment of mentally induced graphics to represent data
• Use of graphic details to metaphorically represent reality
• Use of conscious energies to represent people, places, and things
• Remote neural monitoring based data processed by black project artificial intelligence
• Intelligence assessments (IQ is obsolete in comparison)
• Personality assessments / Character profiles
• Threat assessments (Threats to their evil conspiracy)
• Global crime syndicate utilizes comprehensive surveillance for these profiles (NSA/CIA/Etc)
• Electronic telepathy cybernetic secret society administrates targeting & assassinations via these psyche profiles
• Psyche profiles used to enhance psychological operations
• Psyche profiles used to create future prediction models (Societal engineering AIs)

These technologies are coming to the public domain, brought to you by the same people who brought the internet (DARPA, Those Who Run DARPA, etc). Electronic telepathy will replace cell phones as the primary method of communication eventually. These same intelligence methodologies using graphics to represent reality/etc will very likely eventually be used in many fields in the public domain.
Potential Future Public Domain Applications:
• Dating profiles
• Job resumes / Applications
• Sense definition (e.g. Smells can align to colors)
• Incarnation history profiles
• Space program endeavors

1 comment:

  1. I don't know how to live with this happening to me. I just woke up one morning in February 2015 to a voice informing me it had total control of my loved ones and asked me if I was impressed with its capabilities. I never experienced voices or phenomena in my 53 years. I have almost zero hope left in ever breaking from this insane, unimaginable, indescribable harassing, painful, debilitating, lonely, isolating existance that crept in and is robbing me of everything I have ever known and loved. I never knew constant panic, never lived in constant fear, never lived in a reality where I was not in control of my life. God hopefully will not forsake me. Psalm 91 is my weapon of choice. I pray for all of us. I pray for peace. I pray that I awake and this has all been a dream. I never saw it coming, My only wish is that I watch it all go away. My newest fear is that I will eventually adapt to this, somehow lose the memory of me. Insanity would have at least given a reasonable explanation. I am not used to being alone. I am hoping it someday takes a liking to me and sets me free. I want us all to be free again. Being enslaved has never been my destiny. Not anyone's. Peace and Strength to everyone. Thank you for listening.


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