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Friday, October 28, 2016

Directed Energy Weapon Illusions || Technological Mind Tricks

Technological Mind Tricks / Technological Illusions
Written by Omnisense
March 19th, 2016

I have had extensive experiences with technological illusions as a severe targeted individual and I can 100% truthfully say directed energy weapons are capable of incomprehensibly potent technological illusions...

With these technologies the mind is the canvas for any possible sense or conscious based experience in the entire universe's library of possible things to experience. From electronic telepathy to virtual reality these technologies offer potent psychological direction potentials that are currently being exploited upon the population.

The biggest defense against technological illusions is knowledge of them. This web page arms one with a good set of knowledge to combat technological illusions.

Technological Illusions ~ Covert Transhumanism

Quotes from my Documentary Covert Transhumanism:
“Through the effective use of covers, sources like the CIA hide an abundance of technological effects on society under a plethora of various facades.”

"These experiences are so strong they're utterly real for the person who is experiencing them. They can be as profound as a religious conversion... Yet we can generate them with a machine."
-Dr. Persinger’s work; The God Helmet on the Learning Channel

Ease of Remote Influence:

This is a quote of Neuroscientist Dr. Michael Persinger's work from the video "The God Helmet on the Learning Channel"(Using an electromagnetic helmet source to generate experiences):
"These experiences are so strong they're utterly real for the person who is experiencing them. They can be as profound as a religious conversion... Yet we can generate them with a machine."

Another quote from the same video:
“Well one thing is really clear, you can control the person's experiences and they don't know they are being controlled...” -Dr. Persinger

Here is a snip from mkultra neuroscientist Dr. Jose Delgado's 1969 book:
“Individuals whose brain centers are electrically stimulated believe their evoked actions are their own ideas; their conscious mind rationalizes the evoked actions away. People experiencing this electrical stimulation aren't consciously aware of an external influence.” (Dr. José Delgado, Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society; page 116.)

Both report that people pretty much always think their thoughts are their own while being technologically influenced. Most consider their experiences are bar none their interpretation of them(which may be the case, but not always)...
"There's only one way to be right, but there's lots of ways to be wrong" ~Jeremy Radlow

One reason why people so often rationalize mind control is their own thoughts is due to mind control technology working functions of the brain in a manner in which it actually feels like you are thinking naturally. It can feel like a natural function when you are being mind controlled...
Remote Influencing Technology Illusion Methods:

-Countless Mind Control Capabilities Enable Technological Mind Tricks Techniques
-Electronic Telepathy Illusions (Conscious Energies, Telepathic Contact, etc)
-Virtual Reality Illusions (Synthetic Dreams, Synthetic OBEs, Synthetic Astral, Visions, Hallucinations)
-Synthetic Senses
-Synthetic Emotions
-Technological Wonders / Miracles
-Holograms(Project Bluebeam) / Synthetic Optics
-Energetic Body Illusions / Chakra Illusions
-Environmental Control
-Surveillance Based Mischief (Often Remote Neural Monitoring Based)
-Illusory Ailments
-Acute Mind Control based Character Assassination

Variations of Remote Influencing Technology Illusions:
Beings Impersonated:
-Interdimensional Beings
-Entity Attachments
-Shadow Beings
-Deceased Relatives
-Saints & Mother Mary
-Holy Spirit
-Any Mythological God of the Past

More Mind Control Program Covers:
-Higher Self
-Engineered Prophecies
-Technological Channeling
-Technological Psychic ESP
-Ethereal Implants / Chakra Implants
-Synthetic Dreams / Visions
-Telepathic Contact (Electronic Telepathy / v2k)
-Remote Influencing Technology Packaged as Paranormal Activity
Any angle of vulnerability to psychological direction is likely exploited by the sources who have obtained directed energy weapons.

Electronic Telepathy Illusions

With end game electronic telepathy technologies cosmic entity impersonation is at an all time high in the last 20 years. Any way the controllers can take a position of authority over people... Every belief system has vertices of vulnerability to be exploited. A Christian can be manipulated with Jesus, Holy Spirit or God experiences/energies. A Muslim can be manipulated by Allah or Jinn experiences/energies. An atheist can be manipulated by Extraterrestrial energies. A New Ager can be manipulated with higher self and chakra experiences/energies. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Covert Transhumanism Quotes:
“Any being in existence (and even fictional characters) can be impersonated via electromagnetic technologies.”
“Any Energy including Profound Love can be Feigned.”
“All Concepts and Frames of Mind have been Mapped via Mapping Electromagnetics with Electronic Telepathy.”
“The entire universe can be deciphered through mapping electromagnetics and electronic telepathy.”

Virtual Reality

VR while awake or asleep. Fully immersed in a virtual construct or just observing things with the 3rd eye. With end game virtual reality one's body is able to be disassociated with one's sense based experience, while the senses are replaced with matching signatures to the VR.

Synthetic Dream Mind Control Programs:
Dream state virtual reality is possible through end game remote influencing technology. This opens all kinds of doors for covert psychological direction like the Hollywood film Inception except more neuroscience based.

US Military's Power Dreaming Project ~
Synthetic Dream Mind Control Programs ~

Synthetic OBE/Astral Experiences:
One's body can be replaced with anything in VR. I have witnessed astral body technological designs and have personally had technological OBE experiences. Targeted individuals commonly have some sort of technological facade in their lives. Whether it be technological clairvoyance, technological psychic events, technological OBEs and beyond.

New Age Psychological Operations

People's experiences with mind control technology can be magnetic to their belief system. In other words the technology can align to a form that is within the confines of a belief system. Additionally belief systems can be engineered to enhance and supplement mind control programs, which I believe has taken place under the guise of cosmic beings in the field of channeling and extraterrestrial contactees in New Age related information.

What is known as "New Age" sources appear to be infested with technological illusions. One thing I have noticed is the construct set up by New Age channelers and black ops "contactees" has a very methodically crafted structure to implement covert technological influence. What I mean are things like the higher self, entity attachments, ethereal implants, synthetic psychic ability, engineered prophetic dreams/visions, AI based cosmic entity facades+. Once all of the New Age psychological operations are believed, 100% of the technological influence ability is explained by an alternate explanation that has no real basis in reality in many cases.

New Age Explanations/Covers for Remote Influence:
Mind Control Covers: Demonic/Archontic Possession + Higher Self + Cosmic Entity Channelings
Energy Body Neuroscience Covers: Ethereal Implants + Chakra + Entity Attachments + Astral Body
Synthetic Dreams/Virtual Reality Covers: Prophetic Dreams/Visions + Astral Projection + OBE
Electronic Telepathy Covers: Cosmic Being Contact + Psychic ESP
Remote Neural Monitoring Covers: Clairvoyance + Psychic ESP
All Seeing Eye Technology Covers: Remote Viewing + Akashic Records + Psychic Visions/ESP + Engineered Prophecies
Technological Channeling Psychological Operations


Religiously based Mind Control Programs and Facades

Extremely high quality electromagnetic conscious energies like the Holy Spirit, God, Jesus, Allah, Yahweh, and any other God figure can be fabricated into an experience with these technologies. The perpetrators of technological illusions appear to gravitate towards positions of authority. The potential is notable for psychological direction via impersonating God/Allah/Yahweh/Jehovah to unsuspecting targets as for many people there is no higher authority than God.

Just like the New Age Psychological Operations the Abrahamic Religions Include very convenient covers for these technologies.

These technologies are not only used domestically by the US military/government on targeted individuals. There have been several reports of Iraqis and other Muslims saying Allah told them to give up their weapons in war vs the US military.

When Bush the younger attacked Iraq in 2003, the American invaders used a device on the Iraqi troops known as the Voice of God. The Iraqi soldiers heard Allah telling them, in Arabic, to throw down their arms and surrender. They did so by the hundreds. Thus, it is a known fact that the U. S. military has the capability of projecting to targets voice-to-skull talk.


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