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Monday, October 17, 2016

CIA Programming Reorientation Methods

CIA Reprogramming - CIA Programming Reorientation Methodology
• AI + Directed Energy Weapon Engineered Events to Inspire Reprogramming
“Mapping Electromagnetics” Enabled Artificial Intelligence Thinks Up Apex Points Possible in Existence to Support Reprogramming
• In Depth Remote Neural Monitoring Based Psyche Profile of Targets to Weigh Possibilities
• Electromagnetic Mind Control to Enhance Neural Reprogramming
• Electromagnetic Memory Dissolution to Negate Previous Programming
• Covert Implanted Conscious Energies/Concepts to Corroborate Reorientation
• Dark Law of Attraction; Electronic Control Grid Rewards for Accepting Controlled Opposition Paradigms
• 100% mind controlled targets just need an engineered event trigger to serve as a cover story for Radio Frequency Mind Control Reprogramming (Cover stories are there to provide feasible but illusory explanations)
• Mind Programming is 100% Open Source to End Game RF Mind Hacking Technology
• Reprogramming Objective; To Align with the NWO Agenda
• Reprogramming Objective; Misalignment from Sensitive Truths

Based on first hand experience. I say CIA as they may be the most prolific sources of these crimes, I am sure other sources use the same methods...

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