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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Remote Neural Monitoring Law - Literal Thought Police

Remote Neural Monitoring Law is a subject the global elite are currently conspiring/planning for/thinking about. In the future, public science will discover that the contents of a mind can be remotely surveilled by end game technology down to people's deepest motivations. This will lead to a lot of potential changes for our society.

I'm sure at some point the subject of remote neural monitoring law will be considered as an option. In the near future(a matter of decades) thought police has the potential to become reality. Perhaps the plan is to create enough false flags that once these technologies become mainstream the public outcry to put an end to the engineered attacks is stronger than the public outcry against the mind intrusive surveillance.

What if they replaced CCTV cameras with remote neural monitoring hubs? What if there was a central artificial intelligence for countries(or a Global Government) that enforced law down to the thoughts of people? These are the options the global "elite" have been considering since they figured out remote neural monitoring.

(Click Image to Enlarge)

It is predictable that remote neural monitoring will be used in the court of law replacing the lie detector as it is a far superior method to ascertaining truth. I believe this will revolutionize the court room and introduce a new attraction for criminals; RF Mind Hacking Fraud & RF Brain Hacking for Concealment Measures.

If I know them well enough I would say the global conspiracy perpetrators have plans to dodge remote neural monitoring law while others are subjected to it. Perhaps they have some tricks up their sleeve related to techniques to circumvent remote neural monitoring lie detection, like electromagnetic mind control or memory deletion. I am predicting that the international black ops crime syndicate will be the administrators of the remote neural monitoring systems, and therefore can continue to get away with their crimes against humanity.

It is quite possible that future criminals will have to commit some sort of RF Mind Hacking to conceal their crimes(if they are under neural scrutiny).

'Future Criminal RF Mind Hacking':
Electromagnetic neuroscience methods can be used to conceal crimes or frame targets by destroying or creating evidence inside the brain. This takes advanced neuroscience methodology that in terms of our society currently only black ops and military sources have access to in any mastered form.

Note: RF Mind Hacking can manipulate current lie detectors.

I guess something to be reckoned with would be Remote Neural Monitoring Enforced Sharia Law or Remote Neural Monitoring Enforced Martial Law. The potentials for fascism with these technologies is high and as we speak extremely corrupted sources are planning their normal societal corruption agenda which includes loss of freedoms, and right down to the loss of our own sanctity of mind (which targeted individuals are experiencing in the modern day)...

With the coming public technological discoveries we will need proper competent leadership more than ever. I can't say how it will all unfold but knowing the rulers of our planet I think it is safe to say a sinister situation is in planning.

A Balancing Factor:
Remote neural monitoring discoveries and processes like this could put an end to a good portion of the electronic harassment programs currently carried out by sinister government operations. With the coming technologies people would be able to record their harassing v2k and tortures... Someone like myself could document their case with science. So this isn't without some balance...

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  1. Well you know Im not surprised at any of the possibilities TPTB come up with for the future.


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