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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Thought Sonorization: Training the Brain to Think in Words instead of Concepts and Images

I recently emailed Ex-CIA Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan to ask him what something was called that had happened to me in my electronic targeting case, he replied it was termed: Thought Sonorization.

Thought Sonorization: Training the Brain to Think in Words instead of Concepts and Images.

Dr. Duncan has publicly stated that a certain percentage of the population thinks in images [My Addition: and concepts], while another percentage thinks in words. Thinking in language/words is what thought sonorization does and it is preferred by targeting remote neural monitoring sources as it is said to be easier for surveillance as well as technological remote influence.

I am not 100% sure how Thought Sonorization is done but I can estimate some ways, such as:

• Somehow Re-rigging the Neural Network of a Brain to Think in Words
• Perhaps by Selective Covert Brain Damage to Areas Responsible for Images and Concepts in the Mind Resulting in the Brain replacing those with Words
• Completely hijacking a mind with mind suppression and mind control to carry out thought sonorization

Thought sonorization has applications in spy methodologies, societal engineering, electronic targeting and surely more. Other targeted individuals and myself know from first hand experience thought sonorization is a horrible thing to do to someone. I have faith someday these technology crimes will cease, until then thousands if not millions+ in the world are being viciously targeted.

Electronic targeting is a real problem in the world today, especially since around the years 2001/2002 the electronic targeting really picked up. Most TIs I have come across so far had their targeting begin between 2006 and 2015. Mine began overtly in 2007 but had been ongoing since the 1980s...

1 comment:

  1. They direct my eyes to read words on select items in stores. Everything is a message to me. They use symbolic meanings in pictures or objects. This is all brain entrainment. Started in 1995. I am surrounded with synced trucks signs whenever I go outside. Even the neighborhood street & business signs around me show my scripted life So everything is manipulated. Even in my home book titles, magazines & mail are positioned a certain way for my eyes.


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