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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Technology to Create Black Shadow Illusions - Synthetic Optics

I have experienced synthetic optics via technology. Synthetic optics is using directed energy (RF Energy / Microwaves) and somehow creating synthetic optical signals in the brain. My top theory how this is done is RF Energy to the Visual Cortex. These synthetic signals act to create visuals. I'm not sure how comprehensive this can be done but I have had a few types of optical tech experiences such as: Synthetic Optic Visual Overlays of Eyesight(which could perhaps be used to create Visual User Interfaces), Black Shadows of Various Types (Used for Psy Ops), A Darkening of my Visuals, and more...

These technologies can be used to induce a technological LSD state as well as convincing illusions. This technology has many applications whether it is for warfare or recreation. I suspect in the modern day it is almost exclusively used for electronic psychological warfare...

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  1. I believe i have experienced a great deal of the same, however, that doesn't explain all the visual anomalies i've captured on video (& there's been A LOT.) @ this point, i believe i am interfaced both with psychotronic psyops & interdimensional beings. The timing is perfect for both parties to ensue with such endeavours because one can SO EASILY be written off as the other.
    Alien interaction.. Write it off as T.I. psyops. Being gangstalked with hallucinations.. Chalk it up to extra-terrestrial interaction, for example.

    1. Personally, I believe the whole interdimensional being thing is a massive cover story spanning ages. Directed energy weapons and AI operates invisibly and can do every single thing reported by ID reports. But directed energy weapons are not accounting for all visual anomalies, I agree.


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