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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Remote Influencing Technology Playing Devil's Advocate

One of the most hushed up conspiracy truths happening in the world today involves covert technology implanting dark and agenda proliferating ideas to unsuspecting targets. Part of this may involve accepting or rejecting the dark agenda ideas and that is where this article has some potential to help people. Like my artwork says; Deny Dark Implanted Thoughts. This especially applies to targeted individuals who tend to be mind controlled and mind influenced a bit more than the average.

I have first hand experience with sources who play out the exact scenario seen in the image above. One of the keys is denying dark temptation and doing the right thing.

An Example:
The devil's advocate might have an agenda to discredit a target, so they might be playing devil's advocate with implanted ideas for things that could be later exploited to tarnish the target's reputation/image.

There is a classic good vs. evil war going on in planet Earth's complicated reality, it is a covert war over beliefs and minds, actions and reality. Groups within the military industrial complex and their co-conspirators use every trick in the book to subvert societal progress while at every ripe opportunity progress their dark agenda...

This article relatively exposes their black ops programs to play devil's advocate, so now it's up to you to utilize this information and make the right choices if this ever happens to you. Detecting a thought is implanted is complicated, so instead I will just say one should deny dark ideas in general anyway.

Some of the Technology Involved:
-Post-Singularity Black Project Artificial Intelligence
-Remote Neural Monitoring (Thought/Mind Surveillance)
-Electronic Telepathy - Synthetic Telepathy - v2k (To Implant the Thoughts)
-Virtual Reality Tech can be Used for Image and Concept Thinkers+
-Electromagnetic Mind Control (If it is a discrediting Op; Can be used to solidify the chance that the target will do what the operation's intention is)
-Towers All Across the World Rigged as Directed Energy Weapons (The One Likely Torturing me Today Seen Below)
-RF Weaponry - Microwave Warfare - Microwave Weaponry

“The devil is only a convenient myth invented by the real malefactors of our world.”
~ Robert Anton Wilson

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