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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My 10th Music Album Releases ★ The Underworld by Omnisense

Today my 10th music album released! Named 'The Underworld' it has a rich serving of dark synth bass sounds that I tweaked and honed with sound design and what my former music teacher would call "waveform wizardry."

This album has my favorite song I have ever created titled: Roof and the Sky (RF Energy Mix).

Roof and the Sky (RF Energy Mix)

This is probably my favorite album I have created thus far, and I can't imagine eclipsing this work in future albums but we shall see. Here is the album:

Currently I make music with wonderful $6 headphones so it might not be mastered for all kinds of speakers but I try to make it as professional as possible.

The Album Available for Free/Donation Here.

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