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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Neural Heterodyning - Lacing Sounds with v2k

Early in my targeting around 2008 I experienced a form of neural heterodyning excessively used as a form of intimidation, torture, and psychological direction. Eventually I figured out that black project technology can lace existing sounds you are hearing with v2k verbage.

In more recent times I have experienced this form of neural heterodyning in unison to artificial tinnitus in my left ear. They can literally make my technologically induced tinnitus speak dirty language to me...

I know from tortures that this neural heterodyning method of lacing existing neural variables with additional signals can also be done with pain signals as well. I imagine it can be done with just about any type of natural experience. There is also a subtractive version of neural heterodyning I experience often where selected brain signals are negated/decreased from the experience (IE: Removal of Sense Depth to Prevent Pleasure).

When my targeting began it was like the universe came alive versus me. I was having technology attack me in outlandish and crazy ways while I was being technologically mind hijacked (IE: Electromagnetic Mind Control) to react in an orchestrated fashion. This resulted in me being discredited to my family and friends when speaking about these experiences and I believe that was likely one of the biggest intentions of giving me these experiences.

Safe to say one of the reasons to give someone neural heterodyne experiences or any top secret technology type experience arranged in an outlandish way, is to discredit the target to whoever they speak to about their experiences.

The groups targeting people know what experiences to induce in a TI to make those they speak to trigger conclusions of insanity. And it is only natural for someone going through things which can be profound and eye opening experiences to want to speak about them.

If I have any advice for new TIs it is to be mindful of psychological direction and learn the tactics being used against you to better combat those tactics. Also be careful who you tell of your targeting. The system is partially set up against TIs...


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