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Monday, August 1, 2016

Immaculate Technologically Induced Conscious Energies

I have experienced technologically induced conscious energies that leave me speechless in terms of explaining them. If I could put them into a word; Immaculate. The universe's design has some gifts for humanity once these technologies are developed publicly. I imagine these energies are some of the best feelings in existence...

Some of the energies that I think will be called "Divine" in the future when they are discovered publicly align with certain sounds. I have experienced a good one to the song I created embedded below at 1:29 in the song:

The synth that comes in at 1:29 and stays in the song until 2:13 has a directed energy neuroscience frequency that I would put in the "immaculate energies" category. I'm not sure how these energies will be discovered, perhaps stumbled upon like microwave hearing and world war 2 radars. Once they come out these energies should be incredibly popular amongst people who have tried them. I have experienced them in exotic directed energy neuroscience music enhancing experiences and also not while listening to music.

I believe these energies were felt by myself via electromagnetic neuroscience, I was engaged via v2k while experiencing them. My top suspect for what causes these energies is RF Energy based neuroscience...

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