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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Electronic Telepathy Cybernetic Secret Society

In existence in the world today is a cybernetic network secret society utilizing electronic telepathy and advanced artificial intelligence. The groups invited to the electronic telepathy secret society have seats of power over the influence of mankind. The means of this influence is covert directed energy weapons and AI. In other words electromagnetic mind control which is likely perpetrated by the many cell phone towers installed throughout the world(with satellites to cover non-saturated spots).

Whoever ended up at the top of the electronic control grid is the most powerful human sources in the world, no matter who ruled the world prior to such development. The electronic control grid allows for slow kill and fast kill methods, it can control the opposition or discredit the opposition, it can intimidate the opposition, it can record direct thought surveillance, and more...

Short snip taken from my longer v2k video:
Military Industrial Complex Electronic Telepathy Secret Society (1.5 minutes)

In Short: A Cybernetic Secret Society Exists. It is the head of the NWO, and speaks directly to their extraterrestrial overlords via electronic telepathy.

The head of these networks are behind the biggest false flags in the world, they are behind many of the electronic harassment cases happening in the world today, they control governments by proxy via covert transhumanization of assets, they go forward with evil agendas in agriculture, science, religion, and much more...

From the research I have done it appears likely that Nazis from Operation Paperclip were the originators of this electronic telepathy secret society. From my experiences and insider contacts I can safely say the people who run this electronic control grid are the worst case scenario type of humans. They have an agenda insidious to everything holistic and good and have embarked in a war against the truth. The leaders of these electronic telepathy networks have betrayed mankind on unfathomable levels. In my recent work I have aimed to bring light to their crimes...


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