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Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Electronic Control Grid

The Electronic Control Grid (Approx. 50 minutes)

Video Synopsis:
In the world today is a massive technological based conspiracy using Directed Energy Weapons and Black Project Artificial Intelligence. Black Project AI Controls Directed Energy Weapons. Remote Neural Monitoring turns the human brain into a 5 sense surveillance device. Electronic Telepathy can impersonate any existent or fictional being. And Electromagnetic Mind Control can completely hijack a mind...

This video aims to give watchers a birds eye view of what is going on after a crash course on directed energy weapons and black project technology capabilities, while developing awareness based defenses of this technological warfare. The Electronic Control Grid is the second full length film produced by Omnisense. Covert Transhumanism was the first.

Electronic Control Grid Soundtrack
Available for Free/Donation here.

Video Topics:
-Covert Transhuman Control Grid
-Mind Control Research
-Targeted Individual Testimony
-Directed Energy Weapons
-Remote Neural Monitoring
-Virtual Reality - Synthetic Dreams
-Electronic Telepathy - v2k
-Black Project Artificial Intelligence
-Open Source Senses
-Cloning of the Senses
-Electronic Harassment
-Psychological Warfare
-Psychological Operations
-New Age Deception
-Microwave Hearing
-Microwave Auditory Effect
-Dr. Barrie Trower
-Dr. John Hall
-Targeted Individuals
-Telepathic Impersonations
-MKULTRA Cover Stories
-Directed Energy Weapon Murder by Proxy
-Directed Energy Weapon Slow Kill & Fast Kill Methods
-Military Industrial Complex Electronic Telepathy Secret Society
-Technological Rigging of Pro Sports
-Electromagnetic Mind Control
-Electromagnetic Mind Hacking
-Electromagnetic Neuroscience
-The Neurobody
-Technological Optical Illusions
-Strategic Efforts to Produce Apathy in the Masses
-Weather Warfare

Some Quotes from the Film:

Cover Stories:
“A demon facade creates a prime environment for getting away with crimes perpetrated [by] these technologies.”

“Directed energy weapons operate invisibly and are potent enough to appear supernatural.”

“The sources with these technologies love to impersonate a higher power, or create the idea a higher power will do everything for us so the hidden hand operates more smoothly.”

“Every time I hear a high level Satanist spoke directly to Satan I instantly think of v2k. I’ve seen some Satan energies and images via v2k so I know they have them discovered and loaded.”

Black Project Artificial Intelligence
“Advanced artificial intelligence provides an environment of automation where agents were needed prior to AI.”

“Black project AI can simulate any mind mapped person, and any mind mapped person is immortalized in black project AIs. [if not deleted]”

“Post-Singularity black project AI acts as an operator for an electronic telepathy secret society.”

“AI combined with directed energy weapons I believe comprises the tip of the spear of a global conspiracy.”

Remote Neural Monitoring
“The head of the NSA, CIA, and USA military get remote neural monitoring reports which are essentially surveillance based electronic telepathy. Surveillance based electronic telepathy involves getting recordings of thoughts [played back] from remote neural monitoring AIs.”

Electronic Telepathy Cybernetic Secret Society
“In existence since sometime in the 20th century is a military industrial complex electronic telepathy secret society cybernetic network, these are the true rulers of the world in my opinion. End game AI and directed energy weapons is analogous to the ring in lord of the rings, and i feel can be accurately stated as being the Holy Grail of project mkultra…”

Directed Energy Weapon Illusionists
“Any being in existence and even fictional beings can be impersonated via electronic telepathy technology, aka v2k.”

“Black project targeting AI provides for a potent environment to convince targets of illusions, illusions of all types.”

“These technologies are invisible so naturally there is massive liability for misperception of the actual source. Misattribution of technological sources is [excessive] in the modern age”

New Age Psychological Operations - Psychological Warfare
“Division of population via belief systems, one looks irrational to the other and vice versa.”

“Control the opposition with false light information sources…”

“There are new age cover stories for literally every single type of technological influence i have experienced in almost a decade of extensive technological targeting experiences.”

“Once the US military and intelligence agencies got capable remote influencing technologies they developed a strategy in a war against the truth. What they decided to do was a massive set of new age psychological operations that in the modern day have ensnared millions of people. These psychological operations are a set of calculated untruths to combat the truth movement of the internet age.”

Some Artwork from the Film:

Other Full Length Films:
Covert Transhumanism: A Mind Control Documentary
Webpage | Youtube
The Invisible War: 21st Century Targeting
Webpage | Youtube
War vs. the Truth: Psychological Operations
Webpage | Youtube

Comprehensive Articles:
Bird's Eye View of the Technological Conspiracy
Bird's Eye View of New Age Psychological Operations

Directed Energy Weapons; Technological Optical Illusions

These technologies have other applications than warfare, however the sources who developed these technologies in the modern day are probably interested in Directed Energy Weapon based psychological operations with these technologies more than anything.

Technological Optical Illusion Methods:
-Project Bluebeam Tech (Projected Holograms)
-Synthetic Optics (Ability to Create Visual Hallucinations+ with Synthetic Signals in the Brain)
-Virtual Reality (Mind Hacking to Produce an Artificial Virtual Reality)

Rumored Psychological Operations with these Technologies:
-Religious Themed Images in the Sky (Crucifix, Mother Mary, etc)
-New Age Psychological Operations
-Potentially Behind Reptilian Shapeshifting Illusions
-Fake Alien Invasion (I doubt this will happen but listing it anyway)
-Anything that Effectively Manipulates the Public

The military industrial complex seeks to develop and exploit/weaponize any and all possible warfare applications for any technology that they have ever discovered...

***Update with Further Research***

"Hologram Weapons:

Hologram, Death. Hologram used to scare a target individual to death. Example, a drug lord with a weak heart sees the ghost of his dead rival appearing at his bedside and dies of fright [149:4].

Hologram, Prophet. The projection of the image of an ancient god over an enemy capitol whose public communications have been seized and used against it in a massive psychological operation [609].

Hologram, Soldiers-Forces. The projection of soldier-force images which make an opponent think more allied forces exist than actually do, make an opponent believe that allied forces are located in a region where none actually exist, and/or provide false targets for his weapons to fire upon. New concept developed in this document."

Sources: (1) || (2)

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Modern Day MKULTRA Cover Stories

Black Ops; The Cover Story

The Cover Story is to Black Ops as science is to atheism or fuel is to modern day automobiles. Cover stories provide an environment of safety in criminality for the shadow government. Misdirection pertaining to the true source of events/information is central to the success of societal engineering black ops which I surmise are rampant in alt media in the modern day, particularly in the field of Extraterrestrial information.

Snip from my Documentary Covert Transhumanism: Technological Illusions
(Approx. 4 minutes)
Quotes from my Documentary Covert Transhumanism:
“Through the effective use of covers, sources like the CIA hide an abundance of technological effects on society under a plethora of various facades.”

"These experiences are so strong they're utterly real for the person who is experiencing them. They can be as profound as a religious conversion... Yet we can generate them with a machine."
-Dr. Persinger’s work; The God Helmet on the Learning Channel

Demonic Possession as a Directed Energy Weapon Cover Story

Demonic possession is a prime cover story for electromagnetic mind control. The objective of a demon facade is to operate mind influencing technologies overtly while the true source remains unseen.

As seen below there has been a 100% rise in exorcism requests in the last 15+ years. I think it is safe to say the biggest cause to that 100% rise is newly developed black project technology.


The Vatican blames Harry Potter and Yoga for the rise in demonic possession cases, however I believe it is actually remote influencing technologies that are causing this rise in demon experiences/exorcisms.


Operation Armageddon - Demonic Possession Cover Story for Monarch Mind Control


Because the public has suffered so many atrocities from Monarch slaves who have gone berserk or who have carried out horrendous assignments, the CIA launched a secret COVER-UP project called Operation Armageddon to convince people that the Monarch slaves are demonic possessed people who are merely the result of an influx of evil supernatural forces in the end times.


Religious Cover Stories

Any vector to gain a position of authority has been exploited. The US Military calls electronic telepathy/v2k technology "The Voice of God", and the US military and sources like them are impersonating God to unsuspecting unprepared people and convincing them to commit atrocities. Once initiated to this reality I believe someone is much less susceptible, part of the the intention of this website is helping people develop memory based defenses to these types of influences...

Possible Religious Cover Stories for Remote Influence Impersonation:
-Spiritual Warfare Illusions
-Influence from God as a Remote Influencing Technology Cover Story
-Orders from the "Holy Spirit" as a v2k Cover Story
-Commands from "Jesus"

Spiritual Warfare as a Directed Energy Weapon Cover Story

Electronic telepathy/v2k can impersonate any possible being in existence and even all fictional beings. Additionally the directed energy weapons implementing v2k are invisible to the target being engaged, naturally there is a lot of potential for disembodied spirit illusions aka interdimensional beings with these technologies and that is exactly what is happening.

The nature of spiritual warfare beliefs are extremely convenient for directed energy weapon sources as you can't bring an "Archon" or disembodied spirit to justice for any crimes. These beliefs are being used to obscure crimes by sources like the CIA and secret factions of the US Military.

The Supernatural as a Directed Energy Weapon Cover Story

Directed energy weapons are so potent they can easily pass as supernatural ability or godlike beings when in truth it is a human based AI playing wizard of oz with remote influencing technology. Black project AIs with all their mind control potential are capable of some ridiculous synchronicities in events, this is often done to create fertile grounds for a supernatural cover story to their crimes.

The Mental Illness Cover Story

One of the preferred cover stories with targeted individuals, intelligence agencies have been betraying their own citizens in heinous crimes against the humanity of their targets. A way military and intelligence agency sources get away with these crimes is framing the target as mentally ill. I have traced this tactic as far back as the 1970s in East German Stazi Zersetzung/Zersetzen tactics against political dissidents. With political dissident targets the idea is to psy op people about their truth speaking, to round down their effectiveness in opposing the agenda essentially.

Not only are they trying to fool people about a target's sanity, they fool targets of their own sanity in gaslighting tactics. There are many targeted individuals who do not know they are targeted.

New Age Cover Stories

New Age Psy Ops are so vast the truth seems like a lie, and the lies are part of the assimilated programming. Plenty of Manchurian Candidates aka mind control assets pepper alt media to set up these psychological operations. One thing I have decoded: There are New Age cover stories for literally every type of technological influence I have experienced in almost a decade of technological targeting experiences.

Once the US Military and Intelligence Agencies got capable remote influencing technologies they developed a strategy in a war against the truth. What they decided to do was a massive set of New Age Psychological Operations that in the modern day have ensnared millions of people. These psychological operations were a set of calculated untruths to combat the truth movement of the internet age.

Higher Self Cover Story

The premise of a higher self external to one's mind is a perfect cover story for remote mind control. I could totally see the mind manipulators using the cover story of a higher self for remote influence on unsuspecting targets who believe in a higher self.

Excerpt taken from my New Age Psy Ops Page:
New Age Explanations/Covers for Remote Influencing Technology Exploitation:
(Some of these harder hitting than others...)

Mind Control Cover Stories:
-Demonic Possession
-Archontic Possession
-Jinn Possession
-Higher Self Influence
-Cosmic Entity Channeling
-Holy Spirit or Guidance from "God"

Electronic Harassment Cover Stories:
-"Psychic Attack"
-"Ascension Symptoms"
-Demonic/Jinn/Archontic Possession
-Spirit Attack
-Spiritual Warfare
-Interdimensional Beings

Neurobody Synthetic Signal Neuroscience Cover Stories:
-Ethereal Implants
-Entity Attachments
-Astral Body

Synthetic Dreams/Virtual Reality Cover Stories:
-Prophetic Dreams/Visions
-Astral Projection
-Remote Viewing

Electronic Telepathy Cover Stories:
-Cosmic Being Contact
-Psychic ESP (Implanted Conscious Energies)
-"Natural" Telepathy

Remote Neural Monitoring Cover Stories:
-Psychic ESP

All Seeing Eye Technology Cover Stories:
-Remote Viewing
-Akashic Records
-Psychic Visions/ESP
-Engineered Prophecies

Remote Influencing Technology Symptom Cover Stories:
-"Ascension Symptoms"
-"Psychic Attacks"
-Demonic Possession Symptoms
-Spirit Attacks

See my New Age Psy Ops Page for more.


Remote Influencing Technology Facades

Beings Impersonated:
-Interdimensional Beings
-Cosmic Entity Facades
-Entity Attachments
-Shadow Beings
-Deceased Relatives
-Saints & Mother Mary
-Holy Spirit
-Any Mythological God of the Past


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Monday, July 18, 2016

Compartmentalization of the Shadow Government

Through strict compartmentalization of the shadow government's full operations and agenda, people who would not stand for the full agenda are tricked into contributing to the destruction, dysfunction, and enslavement of mankind based on lucrative rewards and nescience due to their compartmentalization.

Reasons for Compartmentalization:
-Conceals the full agenda from operatives who may refuse allegiance if they knew the agenda betrays all of humanity
-A More Secure Conspiracy: Weakens the chance of critical whistleblowing or leaks

Artificial Intelligence Compartmentalization

Post-Singularity AI provides for revolutionary military and intelligence agency compartmentalization where any target (IE: political dissidents) can be targeted with intense directed energy weapon programs while AI automates everything behind their targeting. I have often heard the argument of "Why spend so much resources on TIs", well with AI automation it takes very little on hand live person work-hours to continue an electronic harassment targeting for many years.

Advanced artificial intelligence provides an environment of automation where agents were needed prior to AI. This has isolated more power to the top of the pyramid, and weakened any chance for a crippling whistleblowing event or major leak.

Black project AI is decades ahead of public AI and has been perfected and honed in secrecy since sometime in the 20th century. Artificial intelligence is a huge field of information. I can warn people: There is a lot of disinformation about AI in alt media...

Internal Dichotomy of American Intelligence Agencies

American intelligence agencies have front operations to maintain an image of being unpolluted of corruption, while under the surface(which many agents never cross) there are incredibly sinister operations taking place, particularly with electromagnetic and sonic directed energy weapons.

The Hidden Hand

The epitome of hidden hands I would say involves directed energy weapons and black project artificial intelligence (AI). These technologies have near godlike ability while remaining invisible environmentally. The true rulers of the world sit in an Electronic Telepathy Secret Society and give orders to AIs that essentially attempt to control mankind...

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Electronic Telepathy Cybernetic Secret Society

In existence in the world today is a cybernetic network secret society utilizing electronic telepathy and advanced artificial intelligence. The groups invited to the electronic telepathy secret society have seats of power over the influence of mankind. The means of this influence is covert directed energy weapons and AI. In other words electromagnetic mind control which is likely perpetrated by the many cell phone towers installed throughout the world(with satellites to cover non-saturated spots).

Whoever ended up at the top of the electronic control grid is the most powerful human sources in the world, no matter who ruled the world prior to such development. The electronic control grid allows for slow kill and fast kill methods, it can control the opposition or discredit the opposition, it can intimidate the opposition, it can record direct thought surveillance, and more...

Short snip taken from my longer v2k video:
Military Industrial Complex Electronic Telepathy Secret Society (1.5 minutes)

In Short: A Cybernetic Secret Society Exists. It is the head of the NWO, and speaks directly to their extraterrestrial overlords via electronic telepathy.

The head of these networks are behind the biggest false flags in the world, they are behind many of the electronic harassment cases happening in the world today, they control governments by proxy via covert transhumanization of assets, they go forward with evil agendas in agriculture, science, religion, and much more...

From the research I have done it appears likely that Nazis from Operation Paperclip were the originators of this electronic telepathy secret society. From my experiences and insider contacts I can safely say the people who run this electronic control grid are the worst case scenario type of humans. They have an agenda insidious to everything holistic and good and have embarked in a war against the truth. The leaders of these electronic telepathy networks have betrayed mankind on unfathomable levels. In my recent work I have aimed to bring light to their crimes...


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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Directed Energy Weapon Neuroscience; Memory Manipulation

I have learned first hand that brain memory is open source to technology. With electromagnetic mind control or what I call directed energy weapon neuroscience the memory of a target can be influenced in many ways. How I imagine this working is RF Energy or Microwaves with some sort of methodology(IE: Pulsing RF Energy) is beamed to areas of the brain which are normally required for memory and somehow can influence, enhance, and inhibit memory. Somehow electrical signals in the brain are being synthesized or disrupted by military industrial complex technology.

This article is based on first hand experience with these technologies. First I'll start with some evidence to back my claims:

"One can envision the development of electromagnetic energy sources, the output of which can be pulsed, shaped, and focused, that can couple with the human body in a fashion that will allow one to prevent voluntary muscular movements, control emotions (and thus actions), produce sleep, transmit suggestions, interfere with both short-term and long-term memory, produce an experience set, and delete an experience set. It would also appear possible to create high fidelity speech in the human body, raising the possibility of covert suggestion and psychological direction...Thus, it may be possible to 'talk' to selected adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them."

United States Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, New World Vistas: Air and Space Power For The 21st Century


“He shows how, by electrical stimulation of specific cerebral structures, movements can be induced by radio command, hostility may appear or disappear, social hierarchy can be modified, sexual behavior may be changed, and memory, emotions, and the thinking process may be influenced by remote control.”
Dr. José Delgado - Project MKULTRA Yale Neuroscientist, Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society; inside the first page of the book on the sleeve.

Directed Energy Weapon Memory Manipulation

Types of Memory Manipulation I have Witnessed:
• Implanted Memories
• Deleted Memories
• Restricted Memories (In Real Time)
• Fragmented Memories
• Dimmed Memories

Implanted Memories

Implanted memories are intended to be covert by the sources able to do them. One method of memory implantation I have caught is disguising a concept as a memory.

Deleted/Destroyed Memories

Somehow electromagnetic technologies can destroy/delete a memory and quite precisely.

Restricted Memories (In Real Time)

Restricted memories is directed energy weapon neuroscience affecting the brain so it is temporarily impossible to recollect what they are concealing.

Memory Fragmentation:

Through deep analysis of mind control done to me, I have learned conclusively that memories can be fragmented. Important details can be left out of memories through precise electronic dissolution of memory. I have never heard anyone talk about memory fragmentation which leads me to believe in almost all cases it goes by undetected.

Dimmed Memories

A dimmed memory is where they dim the neural elements of a memory but it is not completely deleted or restricted. Dimmed memories are meant to lower the chance someone thinks up something by dimming it's connection in the brain, while not completely deleting it which could bring suspicion.

Memory Layers

I have learned after extensive manipulation of my memory, that memories work in layers. I have had the deeper details of a memory deleted or restricted to my consciousness, yet I can still feel the subject it was about. All of these testimonies of mine will be proven by public neuroscience hopefully within my lifetime.


"It is completely clear that the state which is first to create such weapons will achieve incomparable superiority." -- Major I. Chernishev, Russian army; US Military Publication ~ The Mind has No Firewall

Thursday, July 7, 2016

v2k Murder by Proxy • Directed Energy Weapon Murder (Video)

Video Description:
v2k Murder by Proxy. Directed Energy Weapon Murder by Proxy. The military industrial complex and intelligence agencies are committing high crimes with these technologies. The limits of v2k are the limits of consciousness, this yields an environment for impersonation that people are vulnerable to without being initiated to what these technologies can do.
Video Snips are Used under "Fair Use" for Education and Comment
Music is the track "Demon AI" from my album 'The Underworld'
Article this video is an Echo of:
Electromagnetic Mind Control Murder by Proxy - v2k Influenced Murder
Stay up to Date with my Work:

All Seeing Eye Technology

All Seeing Eye Technology
Remote Neural Monitoring (Thought Surveillance)
• Environmental Surveillance (Interferometry)
• Space Age Directed Energy Weapons
Black Project Artificial Intelligence
End Result:
• Surveillance Based Electronic Telepathy
• Surveillance Based Virtual Reality
• Secret Government Artificial Intelligence Operator that Gives Access to a World of Surveillance

All Seeing Eye Technology

• Smartphones/Smart TVs/Tablets/Computers
• Satellites
• Internet and Email Surveillance
• Social Media Profiling (Not a reason to silence yourself though in my view)
• Remote Neural Monitoring (Direct Thought Surveillance)
End Result:
• Comprehensive Intelligence
• Psyche Profiles for Every Man Woman and Child in the System on Earth
• Targeted Individuals of All Types
• Surveillance of People Down to Their Deepest Motivations and Thoughts
Used In:
• Psychopathic Mind Control Programs/Psychological Operations (Black Ops)
• Societal Engineering Operations

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

In the Process of Porting Articles from Previous Blog/Websites

Starting this month I will be porting some older articles from my old blog and my other websites to this website. I will be adding onto and/or editing each article so they will be a bit different from the originals...

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