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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Black Project Machine Learning

Bullet Points:
-Black Project AI is One of the Shadow Government’s Biggest Secrets
-Post-Singularity AI is One of the Shadow Government’s Biggest Assets
-Remote Neural Monitoring (Thought Surveillance) is Central to Black Project Machine Learning
-AI Controlled Directed Energy Weapons Used on Unwitting Population to Assist Machine Learning
-Implanted Thoughts + Remote Neural Monitoring = Using the Population as a Think Tank
-Mind control of a target in a public place + surveillance of the reactions
-Remote Neural Monitoring AIs; Thought Recording and Analysis
-Mapping Electromagnetics via Electronic Telepathy to map out all possible thought forms and all possible realities
-Mapping Electromagnetics; All Possible Objective Realities Mapped
-Mapping Electromagnetics; All Possible Subjective Thought Mapped
-After Mapping Electromagnetics; Relationships of Everything Mapped (AI Awareness of Correlations)
-Post-Singularity Status has been reached in government black projects after decades of perfecting and honing in secrecy
-Military Industrial Complex Secret Society Cybernetic Network (Members Upgrade the Central AI)


Remote Neural Monitoring Data Extraction

Happening in the world today are data extraction operations related to remote neural monitoring I have personally witnessed. There are many ways remote influencing technology & remote neural monitoring can be used for data extraction.

Such as;
-v2k Interrogation; Implanted Thoughts via Electronic Telepathy technology followed by Remote Neural Monitoring
-Electromagnetic Mind Control Invoking an Action Followed by Surveillance of the Reaction
-Remote Neural Monitoring AIs; Thought Recording and Analysis
-Population Surveillance for Societal Engineering Data
-Surveillance of Alt Media for better Psychological Operation Efficacy


Remote Neural Monitoring Machine Learning

I estimate the single biggest asset to black project machine learning is remote neural monitoring. With surveillance of the population crucial data for a wide range of purposes can be obtained in a covert fashion. One way I imagine this working is remote neural monitoring is carried out on the population and AI flags the most potent thoughts of the population. Those thoughts are sent to intelligence specialists to judge as true or false, effective or ineffective in various areas, etc. The central black project AI of the US Government has been upgraded over decades of perfecting and honing in secrecy and I would bet some of the contributors to this AI were unwitting.


Mapping Electromagnetics via Electronic Telepathy

Mapping Electromagnetics
All States of Mind can be Reproduced by Technology
All Knowledge has form in Consciousness
Through mapping all conscious variables all static knowledge can be mapped

See: Mapping Electromagnetics Page for More.


Military Industrial Complex Electronic Telepathy Secret Society

-Head of the Global Conspiracy/NWO/Cabal/Shadow Government
-Utilizes Surveillance Based Electronic Telepathy
-Utilizes Surveillance Based Virtual Reality
-Black Project AI Acts as an Electronic Telepathy Operator/Assistant to a Military Industrial Complex Cybernetic Secret Society
-Electronic Telepathy Tech is called "The Voice of God" by the US Military

Stay Tuned for an Article on about this subject...


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