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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Electronic Harassment Synchronicities - Technological Street Theater

I have experienced many forms of electronic synchronicities in my years of electronic harassment. More than enough to know that directed energy weapons and post-singularity black project artificial intelligence has extremely potent capability to control an environment surrounding a target.

One of the pillars of my work is exposing technological illusions. By simply making one aware of some of these things, their effectiveness rate goes down. Technological illusions are a major part of electronic harassment and modern day technology based psychological operations.

One version of technological mind tricks is electronic synchronicities carried out by coordinating a vast surveillance grid (every little detail) with directed energy weapons and post-singularity black project artificial intelligence. A targeted individual term that could be used for Electronic Harassment Synchronicities is "Street Theater."

Here are Some Aspects of How this Takes Place:
• Extensive Surveillance via Remote Neural Monitoring+ and AI by the Perpetrators is Done on Predicted Environments of a Target
• Aspects of Surveillance: Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) makes any human brain a 5 sense surveillance device
• Electromagnetic Mind Hacking - Complete Hijacking of One's Perception
• Electronic Control Grid - Control of Surrounding People to a Target
• Control of What People Say via Electromagnetic Mind Control
• Remote Neural Monitoring based Targeting AI
• Psychological Direction via Engineered Experiences
• Discredits the Target when they Speak about it
• Used in Modern Day COINTELPRO Themed Electronic Warfare (Can Result in Forced Drugging, Sectioning, Character Assassination, etc)
• These Technologies are so Potent they can Appear Godlike or Supernatural very easily

Electronic Synchronicities can be carried out for many reasons. With electronic harassment synchronicities part of the intent is to discredit/drug/section the target(IE: For Eugenics or Societal Engineering Reasons). With a psychological operation intent behind the electronic synchronicities they can be used to fool a target of illusions relating to who is behind their targeting.

I believe a prime objective is to discredit the targeted individual with these types of experiences. But these experiences can also be used as new age psychological operations or even religious psychological operations centered around belief system engineering.

These technological mind trick methods can also be used to proliferate new age concepts or give people experiences they relate to fictional supernatural beings. Any way these technologies could be weaponized has been exploited...

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