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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Synthetic Dream Mind Control Programs

Synthetic Dreams / Virtual Reality can be done remotely via Directed Energy Weapons and Black Project Artificial Intelligence. I have experienced these technologies countless times so I can testify they exist.

US Military's Power Dreaming Contract: Article Contract
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1 comment:

  1. I AM an "Microwave-Pulses Minds-Invasive Weaponry-Technologies" victims in HK. #Targeted Individuals. ALSO Coined 'MAN-MADE-MENTAL-HEALTH-ILL-PERSONS'.

    ALL the COMPASS in the HK city found DISORIENTED in different degrees, due to the Abnormal EMR Power Effects.

    WORLDS Citizens of Co-Addressings the Advancings 'NEUROSciences Radiating Technologies' in Transmits "ELF ARTIFICIAL-TELEPATHY & TELEMETRY-SYNTHETIC-VOICES-THREATS and EMR-HoloGrams-Images" into Peoples BRAIN and the IMPACTS/SILENCES-TORTURINGS over Physical-Life and MENTAL-BRAIN-HEALTH and with next generation and the persistent Depredations of Civil-Liberties-Rights.

    DEAF can HEAR Voices-speeches & BLIND can SEE EMR-Images insides their BRAIN for 'NO-REASONS' Tells for ISOLATIONS.

    SEVERAL 'INHUMANE-MURDERS-SUICIDES' are HAPPENED in the USA and found the "Microwave-Pulses Minds-Invasive Weaponry-Technologies' as CAUSES.

    THANKS to ALL TIs advocacy around the worlds and Hope ALL in Health and Keep-On always/ Thanks much and thanks again. Thanks.


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