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Omnisense Electronic Press Kit

I got my start making music seriously in 2006 when I walked into an Apple computers store in Tigard, Oregon and decided to try Garageband with the midi keyboard set up there. I was completely enthralled and made a song inside the store. I ended up buying a Mac mini and a midi controller and started making music in Garageband while connecting the Mac Mini to a TV. A lot of my album Heartsong (The Early Mixes) was made with that setup in 2006.

I eventually bought a laptop, and in 2007 enrolled in music production school in Portland, Oregon. It was there I first learned how to make music with my current favorite music production DAW; Ableton Live. The majority of my music is made in Ableton Live, with some tracks from Garageband and a few from Logic Pro.

As of March 3rd 2016 I have produced 100+ songs on 9+ released albums. I have made a wide range of electronic music over the years. Some of the types/genres of music I make: Psybient / Dark Psybient, Psy Trip Hop, Synthy Reggae, Synthy Orchestral, Synthy Metal, Synthy Tribal and Rap Instrumentals. My latest music could be labeled Psybient Electronica, or Psy Trip Hop...

A couple big reasons I make music, is for spiritual enjoyment and intellectual stimulation. I believe the right music is intellectual activism. I use my discography in producing my videos. My documentary Covert Transhumanism features over 25+ of my own original tracks.

As an independent underground musician my music does not get videos blocked based on copyright laws. You can find my music in films such as "Vox Populi; Methods of Manipulation" and "Alien Reptilian Legacy" aka "Don't Mention the Reptilians" and several other videos online. You can also find 7 albums of mine on's 2016 release list. If you are a documentary or video producer and would like to use my music in your productions please use this contact form and I will get back to you ASAP.

My Albums (Release Date Chronological Order; Latest to Oldest);


Futuristic Utopias


The Underworld


The Electronic Control Grid Soundtrack


Covert Transhumanism Soundtrack


AI Rabbit Hole EP






Peaceful Martyr (Synthy Metal Mixes)


Universal Aspects


Heartsong (The Early Mixes)


Atheist Angels





Omnisense Discography Available for Free/Donation (No Email Needed, No Hassle)

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Future Releases by Omnisense;

Newly Formed Rap Group produced by Omnisense and a Conscious MC from Portland, Oregon:


Underground Renaissance

Brand New Music Youtube and Twitter; Underground Renaissance:

Radio Illuminati
Solomon Yemane
Jason Lopes

Bob Marley
Infected Mushroom
Kate Bush
Jedi Mind Tricks

Some Music Production Tips

Sound Design Tip: One of the tricks I have found to more unique sound is using the same midi arrangement on multiple tracks with different sounds. Multilayered melody/bass...

Plugin Tip: The Order you put your plugins in is important. One plugin ahead or behind another can change the dynamics of your sound dramatically. I was taught in music school to always put compressors before other effects. I tend to put limiters last. EQs after compressors and before limiters works for me… Part of proper sound design is arranging plugins in the correct order. You can tinker with the order of plugins on a track and hear the difference for yourself...

Ableton Live Tip: Side chaining(like a bass to a kick)can add a good synergy to different tracks. The side chain in Ableton is called the "Glue Compressor"...

A Few of my favorite plugins;
-Nice Reverb; Valhalla Vintageverb ($50), Renaissance Reverb ($29-$99)
-Favorite Synthesizer; Sylenth1 ($100-$220)
-Useful Mastering Plugins; Renaissance Vox ($27-$99) + JJP Cymbals & Percussions ($27-$99)

Some of My Favorite Music Resources: - Musician Remix and Collaboration Website - Unlimited iTunes+ Distribution for $19.99 Per Year - 100% Royalties


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