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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Omnisense Art Portfolio

Omnisense Art Portfolio; Under Constant Renovation

On this page I will be creating an art portfolio of mine and posting activism based art I produce. Check my quotes page for a lot more activism based art I have produced.

At this time I work with digital art (graphic design) and photography. I would love to start working with paints at some point...

A lot of my art ends up being used for activism, not all of it is centered around that (e.g. My Oregon Coast pictures on this page).

Digital Photo Enhancing Work:
I am currently offering to do digital photo enhancing and also make many renditions of one image/photograph. If you have a personal photo or image you would like recolored, framed in a unique way, text added or in general enhanced I charge $5 per original photo and have a money back guarantee that if you are not happy with the results, you do not have to pay. I offer 3 different versions per photo, perhaps more will be included if I like more versions I have made.

If you do not have money (especially if you are a monetarily suppressed TI) I will do these services for free if I have the time to. I also like helping low-budget documentaries and activist productions.

I reserve the right to refuse service to people using distasteful or illegal images.

To start a project with Omnisense's Photo Enhancing Service, first send me your desires (like if you want a version in blue or purple) by using this contact form. After I get your email I will contact you requesting the image(s)/photo(s).

To pay I use Paypal, but there are other methods available (like via credit card on my music service Since my service is guaranteed I do not require payments upfront, you pay when you are happy with the final product.

(Click on the images to enlarge.)
Egyptian Goddess Maat:

Oregon Coast:

Silver Falls State Park:

Oregon Woods/Nature Parks:

Savannah, Georgia

Fort Pulaski, Georgia

Miscellaneous Photography Ran Through Filters:

Photography Light Tricks:

NeuroWeaponry Art / Directed Energy Weapon Art:
Note: For the directed energy weapon artwork I hired the talented artist Jon Kimpoy over at to produce cartoons under the concepts I wanted.

Extraterrestrial/UFO Themed Art:


Omnisense Album Artwork:

Omnisense™ Electronic Press Kit

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