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Friday, October 28, 2016

NWO Agenda || New World Order Agenda

Below is an array of links & bullet points explaining the global conspiracy. This page will be under construction further to be made more comprehensive.

New World Order Agenda - Elements of the Global Conspiracy

Aspects of the Agenda:
• Societal Engineering
• War
Covert Transhumanism
The Electronic Control Grid
• Secret Societies
• 9/11 Catapulted the NWO Agenda (Surveillance, War)
• Questioning the Official Narrative is Labeled as being like a Terrorist (Sources: FBI | David Cameron)
• Questioning of the Official Narrative being Labeled as Mental Illness (Sources: 1 | 2 | 3)
• Massive Set of Psychological Operations (New Age, Religious, Scientific, Beyond)
• Eugenics
• Depopulation
GMO Agenda
War vs. Truth
• War on Terror (Sources: 1 | 2)
War on Drugs
• Militarization of Police
• Sale of Arms - Proliferation of War
• Injustice in the Law System
• One World Government
• Corporate Masters - Corporations Used as Hidden Hand
• Cashless Society (Surveillance on All Purchases - Restriction of Purchases by Authority)
• Sophisticated Global Surveillance Network
• Compartmentalization of the Conspiracy
Targeted Individuals - 21st Century Targeting
Bastardization of Science
• Bastardization of Spirituality
Dumbing Down of Education
• Infiltration and Covert Transhumanization of UFOlogy/"Contactees"/Channelers
New Age Psy Ops - New Age Religion
• Old Age Religion Control
Implant/RFID Agenda
• Covert Mind Control Assets
• Ritual Abuse / Ritual Sacrifice
• Sexual Abuse / Sex Slaves
• Control of Hollywood + Mainstream Media
• Population Conditioning Mind Control Programs
• Division of the Masses (Monetarily, Psychologically)
• Poisoning of the Water, Air, Food Supply
• Bastardization of Healthcare Field - Flawed Pharmaceuticals
Targeting and/or Assassination of Key Political Dissidents
• Staying in Power
• Totalitarianism / Fascism

Methods of the NWO - Aspects of Control:
Predictive Programming is Key
Psychological Operations - Psychological Warfare
False Flags
• Rigging of Events
• Surveillance
• Propaganda (Us vs. Them Paradigms+)
• War
• Terrorism
• Religion(s)
• Assassination
• Censorship
• Compartmentalization
• Cover Stories
• Bribery
• Banks/Banking Systems
• Corporations
• Science/Journals
• Military's
• Monarchies
• Dictatorships
• Governments/Politicians
• False Democracy
• Prisons/Law
• Big Pharma
• Vaccinations
• Suppression of Masculinity
• Feminism
• Corrupted Psychology
• Corrupted Psychiatry
• Corrupted Social Constructs and Infiltration of Social Movements
• Rigging of Elections
Intelligence Agencies
• Black Project Research and Development (RnD)
• Secret Government Science Projects
• Geoengineering (Sources: 1 | 2)
Electromagnetic Mind Control
• Character Assassination - Discrediting of Truth Sources
Directed Energy Weapons
Covert and Overt Electronic Warfare (IE: Microwave Warfare - RF Weaponry - Sonic Warfare)
Remote Neural Monitoring
Electronic Telepathy Impersonations
Black Project Post-Singularity AI
Technological Mind Tricks - Technological Illusions
• Division of the Population via Belief Manipulation+ (Beliefs Divide People)
• Belief System Engineers
• Falsities Recorded as History / Concealment of our True History
• Monetary Strangulation of Society (Sources: 1 | 2)
Monetary Dominance and Control
• Continued Consolidation of Global Financial Assets into the Hands of the Few ("Elite")
Mind Control of Hollywood
• Control of Mainstream Media (Sources: 1 | 2)
Mind Control Within and Propagated by the Music Industry
• "Satanic" Subliminals in Media
• Neuro-linguistic Programming - NLP
• Drugging of Population (Especially Youth) with Harmful Psychotropic Drugs
• Augmentation of Feminine Qualities in Males
• Augmentation of Masculine Qualities in Females
Electronic Harassment
• Mental Health Fascism Used Against Electronic Harassment Targets
COINTELPRO/Zersetzung (Techniques to Discredit/Torture/Kill Dissidents)

The Vatican
The Jesuits
• The Pentagon / US Military
• The CIA - Central Intelligence Agency (1 | 2)
• The NSA - National Security Agency (1 | 2 | 3 | 4)
The FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
• National Security Council
• United Nations
• WHO - World Health Organization
• Zionists
• MI5/MI6
• Mossad
• DoD
• Federal Reserve
• Knights of Malta
• Society of Jesus
• Skull and Bones (1 | 2)
CFR - Council on Foreign Relations
Trilateral Commission
• British Royals
• Rockefellers
• Saudi Royals
• Bushes
• Clintons
• Obama Administration
David Cameron
• Tony Blair
Pope Ratzinger (Benedict XVI)
• Nazi Black Project Scientists (Operation Paperclip)

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