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Monday, December 5, 2016 Under Further Construction

For the next hour or so will be under construction...

Edit: Construction has been finished. I have revamped the layout and color/art theme of the website. I am happy with the result. There may be some final tweaks...

I feel this will be the consistent theme of through 2017.

Flat Earth Psychological Operations

What I see with this flavor of psychological operation is a dividing of the conspiracy demographic and effectively discrediting the flat earth segment of that demographic. The CIA has a major agenda to misrepresent and/or discredit conspiracy aware persons, as is seen with their NLP tactic of molding the societal view and weaponizing the term “conspiracy theorist” after the JFK assassination.

In an attempt to help people avoid controlled opposition who may believe in flat earth, here are some points for a spherical earth and/or why Flat Earth is a Psy Op:

The Flat Earth Psy Op:
• Day and Night Happen Simultaneously in Different Time Zones
• Flat Earth Sun Models are Completely Contrived
• Do Flat Earth Lunar and Solar Eclipse Models make any sense at all?
• Eratosthenes' Calculation of Earth's Circumference would not work in a Flat Earth Model[1]
• All Planets in our Solar System / the Sun are Spherical
• The Cosmos is Full of Spherical Objects
• A Spherical Atmosphere Has Been Proven to Me, as I have witnessed a large asteroid fly in and out of the atmosphere
• Balloons can take a video camera up into the Earths Upper Atmosphere
• Fish Eye is not a Legible Explanation for the Full Curve Witnessed
• I have Caught Flat Earth Videos with Proven Lies with Simple Fact Checking
• Proven Liar: Math Boylan saying a Moon of Mars is "Opipapa" in his flat earth presentation
• Motive: Flat Earth is Worse for Credibility than nearly any other Belief
• Motive: CIA & Co-Conspirators have an Agenda to Discredit Conspiracy Truths and Conspiracy Aware People - What does Flat Earth do? Flat Earthers are completely discredited to the point of being effective eugenics hits, and conspiracy aware people are discredited by association
• Motive: Predictive Programming related to this new surge of flat earth material must include a demographic of people that now negatively associate irrational beliefs to general conspiracy aware people (i.e. Several Motives have been established)
• Motive: Who does this surge in flat earth material tangibly benefit? It discredits conspiracy truths, so obviously it benefits those involved in a global conspiracy
• Method: Electromagnetic Mind Control Augments Psychological Operations
• Method: Electronic Control Grid can make a Concept Viral (and I believe did with flat earth)


Friday, December 2, 2016

Omnisense Facebook Pages

Lately I have been focusing on creating a foundation of information sharing, networking, and spreading my music to more people on facebook. I was able to secure some of the best possible facebook urls for many topics. If you have facebook and are interested in high quality conspiracy information, Electronic Harassment information, Black Project Technology, Covert Ops, Declassified Documents, Whistleblowers, Eye Opening Court Cases(Such as the Martin Luther King Jr Court Case) and much more; Like a Page today (or all of them :).

Omnisense Facebook Pages:

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Omnisense Electronic Press Kit

Omnisense Bio:
I am an Independent Music Producer, Author, Graphic Designer, Video Producer, Activist, Futurist and Researcher. I was born in George Orwell's prophetic year of 1984, and live in the Pacific Northwest USA. I identify with altruism, the artistic, and the esoteric. I find my experience with the universe spiritual (Animals, Nature, Music, the Senses, etc).

One of my goals in life is to do more for the world than the world does for me. I dedicated my life to serving Planet Earth when I was about 15 years old. I enjoy helping animals, making music and/or art, writing, activism of several types, making videos, thinking about the future and more or less assisting any innocent being find their way to good fortune.

I am passionate about stopping injustice and promoting the truth. Two words I live by are Truth and Progress. I believe in caring for our ecosystems, and overall being good stewards of our planet.

Why I make Music:
In a nutshell I enjoy contributing to people's lives in a positive way. One reason I started is; I could not find the music I wanted to hear, so I started making it.

My Styles of Music:
I have made a wide variety of music, most of my music is lower BPM aka Downtempo. Some of the genres I have worked with: Psybient / Dark Psybient (My current favorite to produce as well as listen to), Psy Trip Hop, Synthy Reggae, Synthy Orchestral, Synthy Metal, Synthy Tribal, Ambient, Experimental Trance, Dub and Rap Instrumentals. I like Genre Bending traditional musical elements into a Synthstrumental mix. Note: I could make a new genre(s) of music in future production, so this list may not be final.

Omnisense Music Feedback:

5 of my Best Songs:
AI Renaissance (Singularity Mix); From my Album "The Underworld"

Roof and the Sky (RF Energy Mix); From my Album "The Underworld"

Walkin Dignity Riddim (feat. Saïmount); From my Album "Futuristic Utopias"

The Reach (feat. Jason Lopes); From my EP "Peaceful Martyr"

Heaven is a State of Mind; From my Album "Futuristic Utopias"

Omnisense Music:
As of November 30th, 2016; I have produced 125+ songs on 12 independently released albums/EPs. My music has been featured in many videos/films, such as "Vox Populi; Methods of Manipulation", "Alien Reptilian Legacy" aka "Don't Mention the Reptilians." I have produced in entirety 4 full length film soundtracks and am generally open to anyone using my music for non-commercial purposes (However I do require to be contacted to use my music). I have 7+ albums featured on's release lists & am becoming more focused on networking and promotion of my music in contrast to how I have been in the past.

Where you can find my music:
My music is currently on many mediums. If you would like to download my music for free, use this Bandcamp link. I offer my music for Free/Donation on Bandcamp and do not require an email address to download (Hassle Free Downloading). If you feel generous, you can find my music on almost any digital music store by searching the handle: 'Omnisense'.

Contact Information:
Anyone who wishes to contact me can use this contact form. I try to get back to emails as quick as possible.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Targeted Individual Book Fund -

I have started a GoFundMe Campaign for my upcoming book; Covert Transhumanism. As said on the campaign page, I have saved for over a year for to publish this book with a proper publisher, however I am a good bit short as of today.

Covert Transhumanism: Mind Control & Beyond is a book being written with the intent of helping as many targeted individuals as possible with knowledge gained by truly prolific hardships and sacrifice. Among other things, it is also intended to modernize mind control information and expose an international conspiracy using black project directed energy weapons and artificial intelligence. While looking at my current manuscript, I can safely say this book will likely be top notch...

Here is the Campaign:
Targeted Individual Book Fund

FYI: I will be offering Free PDF copies of the book on or through email in the future for those who may not have the monetary funds to purchase the book.

Monday, November 28, 2016 Articles

In 2015 I decided to look at domains on a night that brought me to the discovery that the domain was actually available. I bought it as quick as I could. After brainstorming about what kind of website I wanted it to be other than of course declassified documents, I decided to center the website around Declassified Documents and Whistleblowers. I have recently added a section for eye opening court cases.

The whistleblowers that I feature I can vouch for being some of the best of the best in alternative media for whistleblowing in my experiences. I have my own taste for whistleblowing topics of course so other opinions may differ... Here are some of the best articles from
MI5 Whistleblower Dr. Barrie Trower
Ex-CIA Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan
Anesthesiologist & Targeted Individual Whistleblower Dr. John Hall
Targeted Individual Activist & Whistleblower Omnisense
FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds
US Army Intelligence Officer Julianne McKinney
Civil Trial: Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated by US Government
FBI Informant; Hitler Escaped to Argentina
CBS News; Declassified Documents Reveal Chemtrails Are Real
FOIA Document: CIA Sought to Discredit "Conspiracy Theories" After JFK Assassination
US Military Publication: The Mind has No Firewall (1998)
NSA's Cryptologic Quarterly: Powerline Data Transmission
Astronaut Testimony - NASA Whistleblowers

Friday, November 11, 2016

Covert Transhumanism Book Cover

Finished a Rough Draft (Ver. 3.5) of my book cover:

I have begun the bulk of the work for the book after picking my mind for the last 8-9 months writing on and other websites to use as source material. I feel the book will be high quality with what I have seen of it so far, and am excited about it. I estimate it will release sometime in Summer 2017, but keep in mind that is an estimate not a release date and is subject to change depending on funds, writing, and living situation.

War vs. the Truth: Psychological Operations

Covert Transhumanism; A Mind Control Documentary